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How Do I Remove Embedded Bugs From My Car?

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According to Mark Hostetler, an urban ecologist at the University of Florida, “Thousands upon thousands of bugs strike our automobiles every year.” In his book, That Gunk on Your Car, he further educates us on how various bugs infect our vehicles and cause harm to their clear coat. Insects like moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and midges may also damage your car’s paint if left on it for an extended period.

We can’t stop the swooping of insects, and neither would we want to. They play a crucial role in the Ecosystem, so we cannot simply eliminate them. For this reason, we often have to remove embedded bugs from our cars. And what better way to do that than to use the best bug remover for cars?

However, using a bug remover to rid your car of bugs too often is not an efficient way of protecting your paint job. Fortunately, there’s an easy way out. Read on!

Many Car Owners Experience the Irritation of Bugs All Year Round

According to Hostetler, it doesn’t matter if you live in the north or south or a dry or wet climate; you’ll still have to deal with insects splattering all over your car all year. Hostetler adds: “There’s no way to say if some regions of the country are more buggy than others.” “The air is thick with bugs.”

When Should You Drive to Minimize Your Vulnerability to Bugs?

There may not be a “bug season,” but the summer and spring are typically the most annoying because of the abundance of insects, especially after dark. Most insects only fly at night, and because they are drawn to light, you will see more of them along the roads and in your headlights as you drive.

Ways to Remove Bugs from Your Vehicle

When it comes to removing bugs from your vehicle, there are a few approaches to ensure you do it safely. Here are some of them:

  • Remove bugs as soon as possible to ensure they do not lie on your clear coat for a long time. This helps to reduce the likelihood of your car’s paint peeling.
  • Utilize a Waterless Turbo Detailer to ensure the dead bugs are safely removed from your vehicle while leaving your paint job shiny. 
  • Clean your car more often during insect season to prevent the accumulation of dead insects on your car’s finish.

How To Prevent Bugs From Sticking to Your Car

When protecting your vehicle from bugs, avoidance is probably the best recipe. Here are a few ways to prevent bugs from sticking to your car:

  • Use a bug repellent designed for cars to make your vehicle surface slippery. Hence, making it difficult for dead insects to stick on the surface. Water-based bug repellents are usually safer and more effective.
  • Install a windscreen protection cover, also known as a bug screen.
  • Ensure your car is clean most of the time.

The Truth About Removing Bugs From Your Vehicle

You can remove bugs using a combination of a fast trip through a drive-through car wash and a hand-held pressure sprayer. Nonetheless, a pail of water and a microfiber cloth is all you truly need to remove bugs. Avoid using cloth of other materials like terry, as it can be too scratchy on darker automobiles.

For stubborn dried-on pests, try using a spray bottle filled with water and some dish soap to wash them off. However, it’s important to note that regardless of how powerful and effective a bug remover is, it won’t make the bugs magically fall off. A certain amount of effort and vigilance is always required, and simplicity is best.

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