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How Do You Build Welded Wire Fencing?

A welded wire fence is an easy and fast way to keep your children and dogs contained. This is less costly than installing a brick wall or chain-link fence and it is also less visible from the street.

The height of a wire fence can be anywhere from three to six feet. The wire fence is usually made of non-corrosive and non-flammable materials. Wind damage is much less likely with welded wire fences, as the wind flows through fence links.

What you’ll need:

  • Tape measures 12- to 18 inches.
  • String Level of the Line
  • T-posts made from metal
  • Driver of hammer and steel post
  • Welding wire
  • Baling wire or metal ties
  • Metal-plated snuffers

How do you

Although you don’t need to stretch welded steel as much as chain link, it is still important to make sure that the wire is taut. A hammer is great for driving the posts into the ground but a post driver speeds up the process, especially if there are many of them. Compare the prices of T-posts and welded wire at different retailers to see how they differ.

The height of your fence should be determined. The steel posts must not exceed six feet in height if the fence will be four feet high. Your fencing must be at minimum two feet higher than your posts.

To ensure that your space is square, choose a starting point. Mark each corner with a wooden stake. Once you have marked your corners, measure diagonally to make sure your area square. You should have identical diagonal dimensions. To achieve the right angles, adjust your wood posts as necessary.

Measure each side of the fence from corner to corner. Add each side together. This will determine how much welded wire you need. You can buy welded wire in rolls that range in length from 25 feet to 100 feet. While smaller rolls are more manageable, longer rolls are usually less expensive.

One post will be required for each corner. Your posts should be placed between 7-10 feet apart. Divide each side’s length by 7-10 feet to calculate the number of posts needed on each side. Add the posts in each corner and on each side.

Place the T-posts at the corners. To mark the area, remove your wooden stake. Place your T-post 2 feet deep in the ground using a hammer, or a steel driver. Straighten the posts.

To ensure uniform height, attach a line to the string. The string can also be used to help you keep each post straight.

Calculate the distance from the corner to the first post that you want to install. Use a hammer to puncture the post. Continue with the other posts. Remove the string.

Start at one corner to attach the end of your roll welded wire. Use metal ties or baling wire to attach the wire to the posts at the top, middle and bottom. Once the roll is attached, unroll the wire and stretch it to the next post. Attach the wire to the pole using a tie. Continue to the corner.

After you have reached the corner, wrap the wire around the wire and move on to the next post. Secure the wire at the corner. Continue rolling the wire and attaching it to the posts until you are satisfied.

You will need to splice 2 rolls of wire together if you run out before your fence is completed. This is best done by terminating the first roll at a post, and then starting the next roll at that same spot. The extra wire can be trimmed with wire cutters after the roll has been secured to the fence.

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