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How does a 4-day work week help increase employee satisfaction

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A 4-day work week is the best strategy being implemented by the companies to increase employee satisfaction. There is a lot of talk in the market about this new scheme of working. Employees like it as it gives them three continuous days as a weekend. Making 32 hours the new norm instead of 40 can lead to enhanced productivity and well-being of the employees. Long working days can lead to a decrease in productivity and employee satisfaction as they don’t get enough time for themselves and their families.

It is not a brand-new idea, but it came into consideration after COVID-19 hit our lives and way of working, giving birth to working from home, remote working, and hybrid office implementation. But if you want to make your employees fully satisfied with your work culture, then you have to switch to smart and innovative HRMS software. As the mode of working is changing drastically, employees have much to gulp. 

When you do uKnowva, you are helping your HRs, managers, and employees in various ways. The software is a one-stop solution for all your worries. It automates and streamlines daily tasks from the hire to retire process of HR and gives employees the flexibility to log in and log out from their homes, check their working hours, apply for leave, and much more without the intervention of HR.

How does a 4-day work week increase employee satisfaction and engagement?

  • Work-life gets more balanced

By implementing a four-day working week, you can make a great balance between the employee’s professional and personal life. By having an extra day off, employees can have more time with their families, look after their kids, make doctor appointments, catch up on household chores, have time with themselves, or learn a new skill. It makes employees happy, which brings high satisfaction at work.

When employees have fewer days to work, they focus more on completing their work on time which thus leads to less time to slack off. It increases the focus level and offers employees motivation to work productively, as they are happy in their personal life. It makes them more committed to the work.

  • Less stress

Inflexible working hours and long weekdays increase stress in employees. It also causes an adverse effect on the physical and mental health of the employees. Thus, it can lead to burnout, absenteeism, a decrease in productivity, turnover, and a decrease in the quality of work. That’s why the new concept of working makes your employee free from all these problems.

It gives employees more time to relax, and during working hours, HRMS helps them to make their work easy. The software provides a social intranet that helps employees communicate in a better way and to anyone they want. One fewer day of commuting can go a long way.

  • No loss in productivity

When we talk of productivity, a four-day work week does immense wonders. The number of fewer working days helps in making employees more motivated and focused in their work. When they dedicatedly accomplish the allotted tasks enhances productivity to a greater extent. It is revealed in a survey that a happy employee results in productive work.

Fewer working days mean fewer meetings and interruptions, making the employee less distracted from their work. It gives more time for employees to get things done that get affected otherwise. To increase the productivity of your workplace, you can give rewards to hardworking employees that motivate others to do quality work.

  • Increased employee engagement

Lastly, employee satisfaction comes when employee engagement is up to the mark. Employees engage more when they are satisfied. Engagement increases when employees have flexible working hours and a positive work-life balance. Engagement and satisfaction go hand in hand. Thus, this four-day work week is a great approach to having great employee satisfaction with increased engagement.

An employee tends to remain in a company that understands them and is willing to take steps for the benefit of employees. The increase in well-being and work culture helps in increasing employee engagement.


A 4-day work week holds a variety of reasons to implement in an organisation, but keep in mind that it requires a deep study of your workforce. Make sure that what your employees need from you as an HR and then take relevant steps on the desired path. uKnowva is an HRMS company that offers you customised features, so choose your partner in the journey efficiently.

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