How Efficient Is the Use of Containers for Freight Shipping USA

Today, logistic services offer many types of containers for safe and trouble-free freight shipping USA and worldwide. One can find something special in design, materials, structure, and other characteristics. The choice of one type or another depends on the cargo you need to transport

What Is a Commercial Freight Container?

Sea cargo containers are special reusable metal equipment for storing and transporting goods. It is characterized by a robust and reliable design, which allows you to quickly and conveniently load the container onto a ship, railway, or truck platform.

Types of Containers You May Use to Ship Your Cargo

Bulk carrier is a leader in demand and frequency for international container shipping. These containers can vary in size from 10 to 40 feet and must comply with ISO standards.

  1. High cube containers are most often used for cargo of non-standard dimensions, particularly with a very high height. If the lid of such a container is not entirely closed, an object much higher than the container can be placed.
  2. Refrigerators are unique temperature holders comfortable for shipping fruits, veggies, meat, and other goods that deteriorate quickly.
  3. Tanks are the second most common type of container. The main requirement for the material from which the tanks are made is high corrosion resistance.

Methods of Loading Containers

  • Full Container Load

FCL is a perfect choice for you if you have to ship large loads that occupy the entire cargo area of the container. This type of shipment doesn’t require reloading or additional warehouse operations at the terminals. People find it fast and safe compared to other international container shipping options.

  • Groupage Cargoes

Groupage cargo or LCL allows loading containers in small consignments from different clients. The customer pays for a place, only part of the container. This type of shipment is widely used in various industries and companies of all sizes, from large corporations to small local manufacturers.

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