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How IoT is Playing a Big Role In Smart TVs

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The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is ubiquitously referred to, is something that already has a high degree of relevance in our everyday lives. Some people are still a bit fuzzy about what IoT really is, so here’s what you need to know. 

Technically, IoT involves any device that has its own IP address, connected to any other similar device through the internet. Plainly speaking, any smart device, like a smart TV connected to another smart device, like a laptop, via the internet, involves what we call the “Internet of Things”. Connections between devices are made through sensors. It’s more of a concept than an actual “thing”, but it plays a large role in the technology of now, as well as the future. 

The environment of IoT creates a huge amount of data that can be displayed, such as the temperature of a room, or the contents of a fridge. Chinese smart device maker, Xiaomi, currently leading in the arena of smartphones, has created the popular Mi LED TV which is a smart TV that makes use of IoT. A smart TV may serve as a hub for showing this kind of information (relating to home appliances) in a convenient way. 

IoT and the Smart TV

Nowadays, most of the TVs you see in retail outlets or on e-commerce portals are smart TVs. Buying any TV that isn’t smart makes no sense these days. Beyond just resolution and majorly improved clarity, a smart TV is internet-enabled, and has the support to download and house apps. 

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Though this was the idea of a smart TV some years ago, manufacturers started dabbling in new technology to make TVs really smart. The ultimate smart TV these days can do a lot more than just connect to the internet and download apps. You will see how these latest, hi-tech TVs can connect several devices and make your life easier, as they all have one thing they are connected by, the internet. 

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These TVs usually come in big-screen models, like the Mi Mural television with a 65-inch screen, which has an AI and painting assistant built-in. A smaller screen Mi TV 43 inches or less, won’t be as smart as the more advanced, recent models. 

A Computer in a TV

Technically speaking, a smart TV is a digital TV that has a computer at its core. Powered by similar technology as you find on a smartphone, the TV is endowed with a CPU, graphics chips, wireless Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth, and a vital component — the connectivity to the internet. Today, smart TVs are run on a variety of operating systems. 

Many creators of smart TVs use webOS and Android, while Samsung, for instance uses its own called Tizen OS. The Mi smart TV has its own OS too, the MIUI. Integrated in this Mi LED TV is a pre-installed Mi Box, offering a huge array of HD films and television shows.

Many TVs with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology enhance the use of IoT by letting you seamlessly connect to headphones. Most smart TVs that incorporate IoT have voice control sensors that sync to work with Amazon Echo and Google Home. 

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For instance, your smart TV may connect to Google Home through Wi-Fi, and Google Home is effectively used as a microphone to listen to your commands for switching on the TV, turning up the volume, going to a particular app, and so on. 

Invest in a Smart TV

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