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How Medical Billing Outsourcing Can Fix Physician Burnout

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Physician burnout has been an evident problem in the healthcare industry. The introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR) has helped improving the efficiency of practices. It has helped the physicians with the treatment of patients but has not fully mitigated frustration.

The widespread availability of healthcare facilities has led to a greater number of people living longer. This means that the number of patients has also increased. These patients include a large percentage of those who suffer from chronic illnesses. This occurrence means that more health issues have to be tackled by a doctor in a single visit. Electronic Health Record, in many ways, has even contributed to the frustration of doctors. This is due to the arduous documentation requirements of the system. EHR has a lot of benefits that are enjoyed by the practices. This includes legibility, electronic prescriptions, and centralized location of information. However, the high amount of information required can be a tiring task for doctors. Especially if they have to end up with paperwork after a day of hard work. To address this problem, medical billing outsourcing is considered. The main question asked is whether it will contribute to the reduction of physician burnout or not.

Reasons for Physician Burnout

To find out how effective outsourcing in this can be, we must first identify the roots of the problem. Burnout can have many adverse effects. The doctors tend to become more cynical due to such frustration. Their emotional exhaustion is projected upon the patients negatively. This may even result in a lack of empathy for patients. Physician burnout is caused by personal and organization elements such as:

  • The inefficient and frustrating work environment
  • Lack of control over work conditions
  • Diverging values
  • Financial problems
  • Difficulties with technology
  • Lack of time
  • No consideration of their concerns or requirements

Outsourcing is a Solution

EHR technology or documentation can prove to be problematic for physicians. It turns into a major task when providers have to handle all the data entries. This heavy documentation can cause problems for both the business and patients.

Outsourcing can help the company to adopt an EHR-integrated medical transcription. This would help the physicians reduce that stress. It would be possible for them to do this as physicians will simply have to dictate their notes. The data entry would be done by professional transcriptions. This would mean that no paperwork would be required by the doctors. The steps in this regard would be that

  1. Dictation of notes by physicians through phone or other smart devices.
  2. Quick transcription is done by medical transcriptionists.
  3. The dictated data will be reviewed in order to ensure that it is correct. These professionals have the necessary skills to use EHR templates. This would help reduce the point and click work for physicians.

The physicians would not have to worry about technological skills, they can instead focus on their jobs. A hospital can also use voice recognition software-integrated EHR, which will be provided by medical transcription companies. All documented information would be reviewed by the professionals. This would help to make sure that only accurate data is entered. The transcriptionists would also ensure that grammar and punctuation errors are taken care of.

Such minimization of errors, claims, and litigation would prove very advantageous to the practice. They would not have to worry about human errors occurring due to fatigue. The physicians would receive extra time and the gained energy would allow them to spend time with patients. Thus, the patients would will more happy and satisfied.

Other options that be used by physicians to help with their documentation workload include:

Scribe Program: A medical scribe would accompany the doctor on rounds. This would allow them to take down notes. Scribes can help physicians by accompanying them in consultation rooms. This would allow them to accurately enter all the EHR data.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is known to provide solutions in real-time. This would lead to an increase in the quality and speed of capturing data. All encounters would be accurately recorded without any unnecessary burden on others. Such documentation will help with the smooth running of the complex operations. This would positively affect the patient experience in healthcare facilities. Their treatments would be satisfying due to the details provided with the help of AI. Moreover, physicians would be relieved of any duty related to the documentation task.

Documentation support of any kind would be helpful for physicians in any way. It would avoid the possibility of burnout. Thus, outsourcing is the best option for them to undertake. It would allow the doctor to focus on their duties without compromising on the paperwork.

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