How Modern Technologies Help Plants Grow

Indoor plants purify the air, delight the eye, and make the interior lively and cozy. To keep your favorite flowers healthy and beautiful, you need to care for them properly. For example, the level of light and temperature is different for each flower. Even for an experienced gardener, remembering these requirements is challenging.

10 Technologies That Improve Plant Life

Fortunately, we live in an age of innovative discoveries. Today, your smartphone can become the best assistant for nerds. In this article, we have described technologies that can improve your gardening skills and increase the lifespan of plants.

LiLy – Plant identifier

Lily – Plant is a unique app that will help you explore the green universe. The platform allows you to answer the most popular questions: what is this plant, where does the plant live, its genus, and how to care for it properly. To carry out plant identification, you need to upload a file to the program, and the system will select highly accurate results in a matter of minutes. In one place, you can collect as many kinds of flowers, trees, and bushes as you like. In addition, Lily helps prevent plant death. Here you can set the time when you need to water the plant or take it out into the fresh air. If you have any problems with care, botanical experts will give advice.


Homegrown is ideal for those who grow herbs and vegetables. Here you can track the growth of your crop and chat with experienced gardeners. The app contains a handy online notebook where you can record your garden’s progress, including planting, watering, feeding, and harvesting. Also, Homegrown publishes information on over 250 vegetables and herbs. If you want to improve your skills in growing a new plant, the app has more than 100 guides. The unique feature of the platform is weather forecasting and photo sharing on social networks. Homegrown is built on signature gardening practices from Bonnie Plants.


AeroGarden is a new home gardening tool that promotes the rapid growth of herbs and other products with one button push. The device is easy to use, organic, energy-saving, and fully automated. The work process is to plant any seeds in the machine and get a positive result. AeroGarden includes lights, a hydroponic nutrient chamber, and an easy-to-use computerized system that waters your plants at the correct time, turning the lights on and off. This greatly reduces the risk that you will forget about the proper care of the plant. The peculiarity of the tool is that you can do gardening at home all year round.


You may think that PlantLink is an electronic cigarette, but this tool is more helpful. PlantLink is a wireless soil moisture sensor that automatically reminds you when to water your indoor plants. Also, you can use the gadget not only at home but also in the garden. PlantLink will transmit plant health information to your smartphone or a base station in your home.

Digital Pot

With Digital Pot, you can bring your plant to life. The tool has an advanced digital interface that displays the status of the plant. For example, Digital Pot can determine if the temperature is set correctly for the plant, whether the soil needs to be replaced, or if more moisture needs to be added. When you see that your flower is sad, this indicates that the plant needs your attention.

PlantSense Garden Gro Sensor

The Garden Gro Sensor from PlantSense is a USB flash drive that records data when placed in the soil. You will need a laptop or computer to use the tool since the system will send all information about soil quality to a digital device. Garden Gro reports minor and major soil changes, allowing you to choose the best care for your garden.


Genie is an exquisite, eye-pleasing compact herb garden. The tool has an LED light that promotes growth and “Active Growth Technology” – a system where plants are nourished through the water. This causes the plants to develop three times faster than under normal conditions since the water is in constant motion, thus maintaining the vitality of the plants. Genie is virtually maintenance-free and is easy to move.

My Garden Containers

If aesthetics are important in your life, My Garden Containers is for you. The app contains information about which plant species will blend well and not interfere with each other’s growth. In the online resource, you can create containers and visually see what your garden will look like. Once you’ve completed shaping the containers, the platform will give you step-by-step plant care instructions and calculate the water your garden needs.

Timeless Garden

The main problem of all gardeners is the fear of forgetting to water the plants. Timeless Garden will help you get rid of this. Timeless Garden is a watch designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli & Tommaso Ceschi. The tool alerts you to water a flower, tree, grass, and vegetable, based on how wet or dry the ground is.

Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier

If you grow plants outdoors, there is a risk that they will succumb to diseases and garden predators. The Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier consist of top gardeners able to identify what your plant is sick with or what bug is preying on it. To use the platform, you need to take a picture of the affected plant and send it to the chat, where experts will select the treatment methods.

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