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How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

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A family law attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the legal issues facing families under the law. A family law attorney can advise you on eligibility for state and federal government assistance as well as help file applications for those assistance programs. They may also help you navigate federal and state child support programs to ensure that you are getting what is rightfully yours or represent you in court proceedings relating to divorce, custody, the partition of property, support obligations, etc. They may also help you apply for benefits such as Social Security; the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and other federal and state benefits. And they can help you with family law issues, including child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and property division.

The cost of a family law attorney can vary widely depending on the attorney. You generally pay more for lawyers who are experienced in representing clients in difficult cases or who work with a particular type of client base. For example, you may pay more for a family law attorney who handles cases for same-sex couples than for one who works with traditional married couples. On the other hand, the cost of an attorney who has handled divorces from beginning to end will likely be less than one who charges a higher fee because he or she is new to the practice of family law.

What Factors are Used in Calculating Family Lawyer Fees?

Your attorney’s fees will depend on whether or not you can afford to pay a retainer. If you hire your lawyer on a retainer basis, you will be required to pay an initial fee called the retainer fee. In some cases, the retainer fee must be paid in full before your attorney begins work on your case. If you are unable to pay this fee at the time, then it is usually possible to set up monthly payments until it is paid in full. If you hire your lawyer on an hourly basis, then the attorney will bill you for hours worked each week. This is called a charge-out rate. Some lawyers will not set up a retainer at all and will instead bill you hourly.

In order to find the right family law attorney for you, it helps to understand what type of issues your case may involve. You should talk with several attorneys before making a final decision about who to hire. Some attorneys will charge you a flat rate no matter how much time they spend working on your case. This is called a contingency fee agreement. Most lawyers will charge you a percentage of the money you receive as damages, like child support or alimony.

What Services Do Family Law Attorneys Provide?

Family law attorneys can help you with a wide range of issues. The specific services they provide will depend on their specialties and the areas of law in which they have earned licensure. In addition, there are a number of other specialties and subspecialties within the field of family law that may require additional training, education, or certification. You should discuss these qualifications with your attorney before making your final decision about hiring them to represent you in your case.

Most family law attorneys have experience in child custody, divorce, and child support issues. You should discuss other issues with your attorney and ask about their specialties to find out if they can provide legal representation that will serve you best.

Are There Any Advantages to Hiring a Family Lawyer?

There are several advantages to hiring a family law attorney to represent you in your divorce or custody case. For example, you can be assured that your attorney will be able to answer your questions and explain how the law helps determine family-related issues. You can also be sure that your attorney is knowledgeable about the specific laws relating to your case and will know when you need assistance. For example, if you have questions about the income tax implications of your divorce or child support case, then your attorney will be able to help.

If you are considering getting a divorce, then using the services of a family law attorney is highly recommended. Working as an advocate for one of the spouses in a dispute has its own challenges. If you decide to settle the case yourself, then you could also save yourself from potential pitfalls.


A family law attorney will provide you with the legal representation that you need to navigate your divorce or custody case. When choosing an attorney, you should look at reviews, certifications, and any other important information relating to their practice in order to make an informed decision about who to hire. The cost of an attorney will depend on several factors, including the fee structure for your particular case, the retainer agreement with your attorney, and whether or not you have encountered special circumstances that may require additional services.

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