How Much Money Can You make in online poker

Making a living from playing poker can be an exciting job, but it’s not easy. You need to figure out whether you have the skills necessary to turn a profit at the tables. Thousands of players earn a good wage at the tables or money earning sites, but they’ve dedicated years to fine-tuning their skills to make them better pros. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the win rate of a Poker Player in a Poker app. They are as follows: 


The most crucial factor in determining whether or not you’ll make money from playing poker is how good you are at the game. How much money you win from playing poker in bb/100 is measured, for big blinds per 100 hands. For example, if your win rate is 1bb/100 and you’re playing $1/$2, that means that for every 100 hands you play, you’ll expect to make a $2 (1 big blind) profit.


Volume is the number of hands you play in an hour, usually measured by hands per hour. This will depend on the type of games you play and how many tables you play at once. If you’re playing cash games, you have two options: regular or fast-fold tables. 

Fast-fold tables will take you to a new table and deal you a new hand the instant you fold, allowing you to get in a lot more hands per hour than regular tables do (which play as they do in live poker, where players wait for each hand to be completed before being dealt another). 

Playing tournaments in money earning sites require a different mindset than cash games. In cash games, you can play for as long as you like because you’re at the table. You don’t need to register for new tables when you get knocked out; you just sit down at another one.


Poker is a time-consuming game, especially in countries like India, where it has gained significant popularity. Both in terms of the time you spend playing and off the table working on your game, the demands of poker can be quite high. You should make sure you know how much time you want to invest in poker, considering the thriving poker scene in India. It’s important to be aware that as you play longer sessions, your winnings will likely go down, which is a common occurrence for players across the world, including in the vibrant community in poker India.


You may have heard that winning money from online poker is possible. The only things you need to remember are that your win rate is based on the size of the big blind at your stake level and how many hands you can win per 100 hands played. 

Some people think that win rates are uniform across all stakes, meaning that if they’re a 5 bb/100 winner at one stake they can move up to higher stakes and keep the same win rate. This simply isn’t true, as you move up in stakes, the games will become tougher as there are more and more good players in the player pools, all battling for bigger amounts of money. You can expect to knock 1 or 2 bb off your previous win rate as you move up in stakes. 

Type of Player

People who play poker on a casual basis are unlikely to be among the elite players in the games they play. They simply don’t have the time to commit to mastering the game, and they’re limited by their ability to devote long hours to the table. 

Part-time players put more time into studying and improving their win rate than occasional players do, which allows them to make more money over time. Full-time players focus almost exclusively on playing and studying poker—doing everything they can to improve their game and earn more money in tournaments.

Type of Game 

There is two main types of poker: tournaments and cash games. The tournament structure offers larger prize pools, but the buy-in is higher—typically $10+ per player. The more players who enter a tournament, the more money goes to that tournament’s prize pool. At the same time, you have a smaller chance of winning because there are so many other players in the tournament with you. download poker app do not suffer a big drop-off in their game even after playing for 18 hours straight while others need to take regular breaks to stay sharp throughout a session. 

Cash games are played in increments called “buy-ins” and each player gets 100 big blinds (or 100bb) at the start of every hand. The biggest winners in cash games are people who master certain strategies, such as bluffing or playing tight on early hands in order to win big pots late in the game.

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