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How Much to Charge for Wedding Invitation Design

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The process of organizing a wedding must include sending out wedding invites. They establish the mood for the big event and give guests a preview of what to anticipate. But for some people, creating wedding invitations can seem overwhelming. This post is for graphic designers and wedding planners unsure how much to charge for designing wedding invitations. We’ll also look at the most effective techniques for gathering addresses for wedding invites.

How much to charge for a wedding invitation design?

There are no fixed guidelines for pricing wedding invitation designs. The price can change depending on various variables, including the complexity of the design, how many changes are necessary, and the printing technique. A suite of wedding invitations, which contains the main invitation, an RSVP card, and additional enclosure cards, often costs between $500 and $2,000 from designers.

Let your customers know upfront about your pricing structure so they know what to expect. -While some designers have flat rates, others bill by the hour. What’s included in your service, such as the number of revisions, design concepts, and the file types you’ll send, should be clearly stated, regardless of your approach.

Best way to collect addresses for wedding invitations

Once you’ve designed the perfect wedding invitations, the next step is to gather your guests’ addresses. Here are some of the best way to collect addresses for wedding invitations:

Use an online RSVP Service.

One of the simplest ways to get addresses for wedding invitations is to use an online RSVP service. Sending them a personalized form via email or social media requesting their names and addresses is possible. Zola, WeddingWire, and Minted are a few well-known RSVP providers.

Create a Google Form

You can make a Google Form and distribute it to your visitors if you prefer a do-it-yourself strategy. Free, simple to use, and customizable, Google Forms. Names, addresses, and other required information can all be added as fields. After they submit the form, your visitors’ responses will be instantly added to a spreadsheet.

Ask guests to fill out a physical card.

If you have a smaller guest list, ask them to fill out a physical card with their name and address. The card can be sent independently or along with the wedding invitation. To make it simple for guests to return the card to you, include a return address envelope.

Use a wedding website.

You can include collect addresses for wedding invitations your wedding website. Visitors can complete a form with their name and address, and the information will be saved in your website’s database. This is a practical choice because it lets visitors RSVP and give their addresses in one location.


Creating wedding invitations can be lucrative, but you must charge fairly for your services. Make sure to inform your customers upfront what your pricing structure entails so they know what to anticipate. When gathering addresses for wedding invitations, there are several options. Select a strategy that works best for you and your clients, whether that means using an online RSVP service, creating a Google Form, or having guests fill out paper RSVP cards.

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