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How Often Should You Clean Your Upholstery?

Upholstered furniture in your house needs to be used and maintained properly. This is essential not only to prolong its shelf life and look of the upholstery but also for safeguarding the health of you and your family. Whether or not your time is spent in the house or at your workplace, it is compulsory to keep your upholstery in a good state.

One of the important aspects that helps keep upholstery in a prim and proper condition is with frequent Upholstery Cleaning Gold Coast. This gives rise to a question – “How often should you clean your upholstery?”Read ahead to find out more about this questionand to also understand the correct intervals at which upholstery cleaning, needs to be carried out depending on its condition. Also, if you would prefer, you can use portable extractor fans to enhance the overall safety and longevity of the workspace and equipment.

1. Routine Cleaning

Even if you do not want to invest your time and money in regular professional upholstery cleaning Gold Coast, you need to clean upholstered furniture regularly.You need to devote time to dust and clean your upholstery every day or every alternate day. This greatly helps in controlling the dirt build-up on the upholstery.Vacuum cleaning the upholstered furniture at least 2-3 times a week is a must. If you do not have kids and pets living in your house, then doing so 1-2 times a week is enough. Although, it is inadvisableto extend the period more than that.Stains also need to be treatedstraightawayrather than waiting for them to metamorphose into becoming deep set in your sofa.Such old stains become even tough to remove with regular upholstery cleaning methods.

2. Deep Clean

Generally, deep cleaning is conducted by the skilledprofessionals deployed by the professional upholstery cleaning company. When done from professionals the frequency of deep cleaning should be only 1/2 times in two years for optimal outcomes.

Deep cleaning when done at homemanually should be performed only when there are terrible smells and stains that refuse to go away from the upholstery. You also need to be completely sure that you possess the requisiteabilities and equipment for deep cleaning your upholstered furniture.

3. Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning Sunshine Coast does not have any replacement. Getting it done at the hands of professionals is compulsory to sustain the magnificence and original shades of your upholstered furniture while also prolonging its life.Trained upholstery cleaning professionals have the knowledge of usage of specificinstruments and cleaning liquids to eliminatefilth, dirt, toxins, dust mites, allergens, stains, etc., which are tough to extract without routine upholstery cleaning Sunshine Coast.

The professional upholstery cleaning generallycomprises of deep cleaning with the help of hot water extraction, steam cleaning or other related cleaning methods.If you opt forsteam cleaning for your upholstered furniture from professionals, then you would not require it to be doneover and over again. Here, the regularity of deep clean would be once in 6 months.

If you do not want to expend time and money in the professional upholstery cleaning very regularly, then opting for it once a year can also be beneficial. However, if you come across amouldysmellin between cleaning then you should contact a professional upholstery cleaning services without delay.

While living with the COVID 19 pandemic, the need for keeping your upholstery clean is even more essential. As professional clean-ups also offer complete sanitization of your upholstered furniture.

Benefits of deep cleaning your upholstery


Citizens of Australia are known to spend huge money on purchase of new furniture.Lettingthe upholstered furniture to gather stains, spills, dirt and other rubbishleads the fabric to wear out.You need to consider your furniture like an assetthat requires frequent deep cleaning. Doing so increases its durability and longevity.Your upholstered furniture’s worth increases as a result and is helpful if you choose to trade it for a new one in the future. 

Air Quality

Whatever be the material or quality of fabric of your sofa, it is bound to hold dirt and dust that gets airborne whenever you sit down on it or get up from it.Improving the air quality in your home is possible only afterextraction of the oodles of allergens and germs sitting in the sofa via upholstery cleaning. 

Once a year professional upholstery cleaning is suitablesome homes. But if you have pets, kids and visitors on your property, then the furniture would require regularly deep cleaning performed more regularly. Pets get in dirt, dust, bugs, fleas, dust mites, worms and bacteria from the outside which then gets transferred onto your furniture upholstery.

The HVAC system in your house is a good indicator of the dirtintensities in your home. The levels in it can help you in chalking out a schedule for regular maintenance and cleaning. Check the filter every 3 months to check how much dust your furniture traps in that period. 

Improves Health

Mould and dust allergies aggravate when the upholstery is dirt-laden. With all the corners and edges on a sofa, it’s easy to neglect places where the majority germs remain hiding.A deep upholstery cleaning is the perfect solution. All the parts of the sofa should be regularly cleaned after removing the cushions. 

When you do not have the time for a complete deep cleaning, even sponging the surface clean is enough for most fabrics to removeallergens and germs to create an infection-free surface. 

Removes Bad Smells

Smells and aromas generated from cooking food in the kitchen on a daily basis transfers smells into the fabric of your sofas. Not all odours are difficult but over a period of time the sofas tend to gather smells that become even more difficult to remove. A professional upholstery cleaning helps in deodorizing and deep cleaning your sofa to help regulate such smells in your home.


It is important to have pride in owning an elegant and valuable piece of upholstered sofa. That sense of pride helps in consciously taking care of your investment. For that you need to keep an eye out on the cleanliness of your upholstery on a regular basis. A deep upholstery cleaning enables you to safeguard thehygiene and condition of your upholstery without any hassles. When your furniture appearsgraceful and hygienic, the entire room wears a good appearance. 

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