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How Old Is Lee Corso, Career And Personal Life

Lee Corso is a name synonymous with college football who marks 88 years on August 7, 1935 from Cicero Illinois. After attending Miami Jackson Senior High School for four years and finding great enjoyment playing quarterback and cornerback at Florida State University (FSU), Corso continued his dedication to the game by serving on many committees at FSU, eventually serving on its board and as chairman until 1992 when his death from complications from diabetes forced his retirement from playing fullback and cornerback positions at Florida State. This period marked just the start of 88th Birthday celebrations from America sports culture!

Prior to his television appearances, Corso had an outstanding coaching career in college football. His college record stands at 73 85 6   reflecting an unwavering dedication from all involved with the sport. Additionally, his stint coaching for United States Football League (USFL) ended with 5 13 record. These experiences helped contribute greatly to Corso’s deep understanding of football.

Corso made his mark as a College GameDay analyst when he joined ESPN in 1987, quickly becoming one of its fan favorites due to his charismatic commentary and insightful analysis. Corso became especially renowned for his headgear picks   an entertaining tradition whereby he dons the mascot head of his predicted winner and wears it to show it! This entertaining ritual often highlights Corso’s humor while showing his uncanny prediction accuracy.

Resilience Through Adversity mes Corso’s journey hasn’t been without difficulty. In 2009, he experienced a stroke which temporarily impaired his speech. Showing remarkable resilience, however, he adapted and continued his broadcasting career by scripting appearances on the show; an act that showcased both his passion for sports broadcasting as well as an indomitable spirit.

Off Screen Life

Corso’s personal life is equally fulfilling and expansive. Since 1956, his marriage to Betsy Youngblood has provided both strength and joy, while family has always stood by him through thick and thin. Together they form an integral part of his success story.

Corso Remains an Inspiration Now at 88 years old, Corso shows no intention of slowing down. To the delight of his fans and colleagues alike, he plans to return for GameDay this college football season, much to ESPN’s delight. Corso’s desire to remain on GameDay for as long as possible speaks volumes about his dedication and unwavering commitment to both football and its followers.

Fans can look forward to Corso’s appearance at Week Zero game in Dublin, Ireland in 2024 between Florida State and Georgia Tech as another milestone in his long and distinguished career in college football. Corso continues to show his significant impact through attendance at these events.


Lee Corso stands out as more than just a sports analyst; he personifies the spirit and passion of college football. From avid fan to respected coach and beloved broadcaster, his journey embodies this sport that binds him deeply to life. Corso’s remarkable accomplishment of overcoming personal health obstacles while remaining humorous and insightful is truly astounding. Now in his 89th year, he continues to influence and entertain new generations of college football fans as his legacy lives on through him. Corso remains active not just to further his career; rather it represents his deepening love affair with football that he helped shape and define for millions across America.

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