How Sales Automation will Accelerate Your Sales?

Every business wants to shorten its sales cycle and look for ways to speed it up. Why? So they may increase their revenue and go toward their goals more rapidly.

This may even improve your productivity in the workplace. Unfortunately, things aren’t always as cut-and-dry as they look. Check out these numbers and see what you think. In a business-to-business setting, the average time it takes to convert a lead into a prospect is 84 days, according to research by Implisit.

A study conducted by Harvard University found that seven months is the average time it takes to conclude a business-to-business deal.

In light of these numbers, it is clear that it is essential to quicken B2B sales opportunities whenever feasible. Using this guide, you will get an understanding of the sales cycle, its components, and how sales automation software will reduce it. 

What is Sales Cycle? 

The sales cycle is a metaphor for the whole of a company’s sales procedure. It shows the customer’s progress from the first contact through the sales process. It includes all that has to be done to turn leads into paying clients via word of mouth.

It’s true that the sales cycle is often discussed, yet no one definition exists. The specifics of the company will determine the range. Your sales team will appreciate having the reliability provided by a solid sales cycle.

The Various Phases of a Sales Process

Each step of your sales funnel corresponds to a distinct period of the sales cycle. There is a reason for each step, and it denotes a specific task for your sales team to do before going on to the next phase. Here are a few examples of common steps:


The sales team will now use the buyer personas to identify potential new clients who are a good match for your business.

Sales prospects might be generated using LinkedIn or other marketing channels like missed call marketing. After sorting through the leads, they prepared a list of possible contacts to make.


Getting in touch with your leads is the next stage in the sales process.

Knowing this will help them anticipate the needs of their potential customers.

Right now, BANT is where salespeople should be basing the bulk of their questions when talking to potential customers ( Budget, Authority, Need, and Time).

The salesperson will determine whether the lead is serious about wanting to buy a product or service to solve their problem. This means that resources are not squandered on unqualified individuals.


Now that you know about their problem, you should do all you can to help them. Email and text message advertisements sent at the right moment may help keep prospects interested in your company.

Share Advice

Watch out for signups and quotation requests that might turn into leads. Now is the time to make your pitch and close with a good deal.

Your prospects may have questions or worries regarding price, delivery time, or other considerations and demand further information from you. Their inability to resolve this issue may prevent them from completing the deal.

Your sales representative has to respond appropriately to these questions so that they may be eliminated as obstacles to a successful close.

Please the Customer

Assuming the prospect is now certain that your solution is ideal for their needs, you may consider the transaction completed.

When you’re done with business for the day, be sure to say hello to the client and address any remaining concerns they may have.

Imperative of Sales Machines

You may now begin planning your next actions and developing ideas to shorten the sales cycle thanks to your increased knowledge of sales cycle management.

Qualifying Leads Automatically

Lead qualification is an essential part of each successful salesperson’s routine. If done correctly, it may improve your team’s odds of winning. In contrast, if this is taken for granted, your sales team will be ineffective since they will be focusing on those who are not likely to make a purchase.

If you want to see a rise in sales, it’s best to use a sales automation software like Office24by7’s lead qualification features. By automating the lead qualification process, your sales team will have more time to focus on more leads.

The methods of lead scoring and lead grading are used to achieve this goal. Lead grading uses criteria including firm size, location, industry, and more to establish whether or not a lead is qualified. On the other side, the lead score measures the amount of engagement on the part of the prospect.

Fostering Leader

Seventy-six percent of respondents in the survey said they needed supplementary information at certain times throughout the buying process.

Different types of content will be needed at different points in the sales process if you want to keep your leads interested. The time it takes to convert your leads into customers will decrease if you keep them informed and engaged with your brand through email.

Set up an automatic system for follow-ups

A customer’s impression of value is increased by what may seem like unnecessary follow-ups. Of all the tools available, sales automation software with automated features, such as Office24by7, is the best choice.

Drip email marketing allows you to follow up with leads at crucial times in the buying process. The salesperson’s role is lessened, yet they are more successful as a consequence. Additionally, there will be less of a chance of your sales funnel springing any leaks.

Potential Customer Follow-Up

A comprehensive sales and marketing solution, such as Office247, allows you to make the most of your CRM’s tracking and analytics features.

You will know exactly where in the sales funnel your prospect currently resides. In addition, you may find out a lot about the people that visit your website, the files they download, and the actions they do while they’re there.

How Can Office24x7 Be of Service To You?

You can improve your sales cycle and make sure your business is running at optimal efficiency with the help of sales automation solutions like Office24by7.

It gives the best idea of where the lead is at and when it could be a good time to follow up farther down the line.

The dashboard may be customized to include categories and sales stage reminders. Your visual knowledge and understanding will grow as a result of this. Leads may be pre-qualified for sales using Office24x7. This system also incorporates customization, analysis, and productivity for maximum use.

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