How should black caviar be served and eaten

Many people are unfamiliar with the intricacies of gastronomic etiquette and what to serve with caviar. The wrong cutlery can spoil the taste of gourmet food with a metallic flavor. That’s why it pays to use small spoons – nacreous, silver, or bone – so you can appreciate the taste and enjoy your meal. For true gourmets, several recommendations apply to everyone’s adored delicacy. 

Caviar and blinis

The proper serving of caviar with blinis implies a particular technology. Such a meal will be not only tasty but also nourishing. Lovers of traditional Russian cuisine will be especially pleased with lush, tender pancakes with the addition of the delicacy. They will decorate the table and make the holiday special. 

Recipe №1

It is worth using the classic version for a spectacular presentation of the delicacy. Add a few teaspoons of caviar and delicate ricotta cheese, wrap it all inside the blinis, and serve it in the center of the table on a small plate. The delicacy is also perfect with sparkling dry wine or brut. A great idea would be to sprinkle the dish with herbs and add small slices of lemon. For foodies, they can add on their own, lemon juice during the meal. 

Recipe №2

Caviar and blini appetizers are a great addition to the holiday table. Adhering to traditional techniques, caviar is placed on pancakes with some sour cream or cottage cheese. In addition, it is possible to use quail egg yolks, finely chopped green onions, shavings of smoked salmon, and lemon zest for decoration. All these additions will give the dish an exquisite taste. 

Caviar with eggs

An egg product can be added to the delicacy to make the dish both simple and unique. Most restaurants offer it as a breakfast or as an aperitif to the main meal. It’s also the perfect way to satisfy hunger and eat something special.

Recipe №1

One of the easiest ways of serving caviar with eggs is to stuff egg whites with delicacy. This way of cooking will decorate your holiday table and become a great appetizer. Egg whites stuffed with a black treat can go well with it: 

  • green or black olives; 
  • greens; 
  • cucumbers;
  • particular types of seafood (shrimp, squid). 

We also recommend trying this delightful appetizer in tandem with vintage wines or champagne. 

Recipe №2

Everyone knows the combination of sturgeon delicacy and toast is always a winner. However, if you add a scrambled egg on a small slice of bread and caviar on top of it all, your taste buds will “thank” you. Fresh eggs should be beaten with a bit of milk or sour cream, then fried in a frying pan with butter until a thick consistency is formed. Next, you can decorate with greens, fresh cucumbers, jamon, avocado, or a slice of lemon if desired.

Caviar with cheese

To find the perfect combination of a seafood delicacy, it is necessary to combine it with ingredients that will emphasize its taste. For example, combining caviar with cheese will seem elegant and fantastic for true gourmets. 

Recipe №1

One of the most exquisite dishes with a rich taste and spectacular appearance is considered an appetizer with black delicacy on a cracker. To prepare the dish, you will need: cream cheese, black caviar, lemon, and salted cracker. First, it is necessary to whip the cheese product with lemon juice, carefully spread it on a cracker, and generously lay the caviar on top. 

Recipe №2

Italians quite often offer their visitors a unique serving of sturgeon delicacy with various kinds of cheese. All sorts of cheeses are laid out on a large plate in a circle: gouda, camembert, comte, goat cheese, brie, and others. And in the center of the dish, the delicacy is served in a caviar bowl. Thus, the guest will have a chance to enjoy the meal and choose the combination that he likes. You can also add cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, or avocados.


Sturgeon caviar is a delicacy with an exceptional taste that can be combined with appetizers and main courses. It can also be served as a standalone product with sparkling wine or vodka, depending on one’s preferences. As you know, there is no single rule about the best way to eat caviar at home and with what ingredients to enjoy a meal of such a delicacy. Everything is entirely individual. The most important thing is to eat high-quality and fresh products, which will please you with an extravagant and extraordinary aftertaste.

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