How the Best Online Casinos in Ukraine Prevent Psychological Addiction to Gambling

Morbid addiction to gambling has long been a worldwide problem – people waste money, sell businesses, mortgage property, commit crimes or become recluses and sociopaths. To prevent all this from happening, it is necessary to act according to the rules of responsible gaming, which we will discuss at

Responsible Gaming Tools

According to the license requirements, the user must be notified of the provisions of “Responsible Gaming”, which provide options for temporary or complete self-exclusion. The function is activated by clicking a button in your profile, filling out a special form, or contacting support. In addition, the club’s website provides the ability to limit the time spent playing games and control the debiting of funds from the balance.

Self-exclusion is necessary so the gamer can stop playing the game and not return to it for several days, weeks or months. After the specified time, the gamer can continue to place bets.

Self-Exclusion Programs at the Best Online Casinos in Ukraine 

In July 2021, KRAIL launched the Register of Persons with Restricted Access to Gambling Establishments and Gambling. You can get into it in several ways.

Firstly, this is self-exclusion; if a person suspects that he has symptoms of the disease, he can submit a request for self-exclusion

  • on the KRAIL website
  • on the website of one of the legal operators
  • through one of the land-based establishments, they must keep the appropriate forms.

Self-restraint is possible for a period of six months to three years. Please note that even if the application was submitted to one operator, the ban on allowing such a person to play immediately applies to all establishments. In addition, his immediate relatives can submit a request to add a gambling addict to the list.

Customer Support at the Best Ukrainian Online Casinos

Any established online casino in Ukraine has a high-quality and responsive support service. You can ask for help if you encounter problems during the game or on the website.

In addition, you can contact support when you feel you cannot control your excitement. In this case, casino employees will discuss the necessary restrictions with you and help you set them. 


Experts developed rules based on many years of studying patients suffering from gambling addiction. The rules of responsible gambling include several basic points:

  • Visiting a casino should not be a second job. Treat excitement as a hobby and passion.
  • Losing should be perceived as part of the game process.
  • You can only spend free money in a casino, the loss of which will not lead to a financial crisis in the family.
  • There must be a limit on expenses.
  • Never take out loans to visit a casino.

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