How To Avoid Tilting In Online Poker

Playing poker online can be a fun and exciting hobby. But we all know how frustrating it can be when things aren’t going your way at the virtual felt. A bad beat or two is almost inevitable, but letting it get to you too much can seriously damage your win rate over the long run. 

Tilting, or playing recklessly on emotions rather than skill, is a quick way to lose your hard-earned cash. So how can you keep a level head and avoid going on tilt when you hit a nasty downswing? 

Let’s take a look at some key tips to keep in mind whether playing WPT poker online or at your local casino.

Don’t Take It Personally

Easier said than done, right? But the first step is realizing that bad luck happens to everyone. That one or two-outers your opponents keep hitting don’t mean the poker gods have it out for you. Try to take the emotion out of it. 

Focus on making the best mathematical decisions at all times, not dwelling on results that are out of your control. If you lost with the best hand, so be it. Feel confident knowing you put your money in good and move on to the next hand.

Take Breaks to Clear Your Head 

Few things tilt poker players faster than losing a big pot they felt they deserved to win. When this happens, you’ll often start playing more aggressively, hoping to win your money back quickly. But this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. 

Step away from the virtual felt for a bit. Get up and go for a walk, grab a snack, or just do something else entirely. A brief reset is sometimes all you need to regain composure and make sensible decisions again. Just a 5 or 10-minute breather can work wonders.

Stop Multi-Tabling

While playing various tables at once can be rewarding, it also divides your focus. It’s wise to reduce the number of tables you’re playing when on a downswing. Removing distractions helps you concentrate on making optimal moves at each table. 

You’ll have more time to think every action through. This lowers the chances of frustration and tilt significantly. This lowers the chances of frustration and tilt significantly. Once you’re back in the groove, you can always add another WPT poker online table or two.

Learn When to Call it a Day

Some days, nothing seems to go your way when you log on to play WPT poker online. And continuing to grind it out almost always makes the situation worse. Know when to throw in the towel and try again another day. Limiting long sessions when you’re stuck keeps you from chasing losses recklessly. 

Plus, taking an extended break from poker after a rough night gives you time to mentally reset. Just like with shorter breaks mid-session, sometimes walking away for 12-24 hours does wonders for motivation and focus.

Don’t Hesitate to Drop Down in Stakes

When on a nasty downswing, dropping down a level or two limits exposure and damage to your bankroll. There’s no shame in playing smaller stakes when tilted. It also helps build confidence again by earning some wins versus more beatable opposition. 

Once your game is back on track, you can take another shot at moving up. But trying to brute force beating tough games while frustrated rarely ends well. Know when to drop down to limit variance and get back to basics.

Playing WPT Poker Online? Avoid Tilting With These Pro Tips

Tilting can happen to anyone in poker. But keeping these tips in mind will help you minimize and recover from its effects much more quickly. Stay cool, take smart risks, and keep making the best decisions you can every hand. With the proper mindset and approach, the swings and bad beats won’t knock you off track from crushing the tables in the long run.

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