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How to Be Prepared for the Next Superbowl Party

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If you are in charge of planning a party for the super bowl, you do not want to disappoint anyone. How you prepare for the party will affect whether or not your guests enjoy it and whether or not you get asked to host another party for the big game.

Prepare a Large Area Where the Party Can Take Place:

You want every guest who shows up at your party to feel welcomed and find a comfortable seat that they can use to watch the game. If your family room seems too small for the size of the crowd that you are hosting, consider setting up a television in your garage or in a basement room that you do not usually use. Put your TV in a spot where it can be seen by all in the room, and set up chairs all around it so that everyone will be able to keep an eye on the score. Put food somewhere out of the way but close enough to the TV that everyone can access it during the game without missing anything, and have a space where children can play if there are children invited.

Make the Party Special with Personalized Items:

The little steps that you take to make your party special will be noticed by your guests as soon as they arrive. Things like custom koozies to go over cans and football-themed plates and napkins will get everyone even more excited for the game to start. You give your guests something special to remember your party by, too, when you create custom items printed with the game’s date and the teams that are playing in it and let them use those to keep their drinks cool and to take home to use again after the game is done.

Think Carefully About the Food You Will Offer:

A super bowl party is about more than just football, and guests are going to expect to be served a variety of fun foods. As you are planning the menu for your party, choose foods that fit on a small plate and that can be eaten easily, without a lot of attention given to them. Finger foods are a great option for a party where most of the guests’ focus is going to be on the TV. Make plenty of food for your guests, as you don’t want to run out and have guests leave feeling hungry.

Come Up with a Few Games to Add Fun to the Party:

Not everyone who shows up at your party is going to be interested in the game on TV. You can entertain those who are bored at the thought of watching the game by planning a few games for guests to play. You might create a game that is ad-related and that encourages guests to pay attention when there is a break in the game or you might have everyone write down guesses related to the score and the action that will take place during the game. Purchase small prizes to give to guests who conquer the games.

Consider Having Multiple TVs or Radios Sharing the Game:

For those who are interested in the game, you want your house to be a welcoming place where they can have access to it no matter where they go. Consider setting up radios all throughout your home with access to the audio broadcast of the game, or have multiple TVs set up so that those who need to leave the main room where the party is taking place can still keep up with the game. Consider putting access to the game in your guest bathroom both to amuse your guests and to help them keep up even if they need to be alone for a minute.

The party that you plan for those interested in watching the super bowl is about food and friends spending time together just as much as it is about football. Whether you are a big fan of one of the teams playing or you simply want to get everyone together, taking steps to make things personalized and creating special food will help all of your guests be impressed with your hosting abilities.

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