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How To Become a Concept Artist

When uninitiated people hear about the creation of cartoons or games, they most often see this process: the screenwriter writes the script, according to which the artist eventually draws. In fact, a whole team of draftsmen is working on the creation of graphic content: animators, concept artists, illustrators, graphic designers and many, many others, and each of them has his own task.

Who is a concept artist?

A concept artist is someone who, according to a technical task, mentally creates an image of a character, object or space and implements it on paper. In the future, it is these drawings (concept art) that are used to create a product. What the concept draws can rather be called a sketch, without detailing. A distinctive feature of such work is the variability that is needed to find a common design. The concept artist needs to convey the idea as soon as possible by offering options.

Concept artists can be realized in several areas:

  • film industry – the creation of cartoons or films in the fantasy genre;
  • gaming industry — creation of video games ang 2d character design;
  • illustrations for books, comics;
  • drawings for various products, such as t-shirts, mugs, backpacks, fantasy.

What is a concept artist specializing in?

When deciding to become a concept artist, you need to choose a specialization.

  • Environment designer. Draws everything that surrounds the character: backgrounds, trees, sculptures, mountains and other objects, and must be able to do this from the initial sketch to the final.
  • Character Specialist. Draws any characters: people, animals, elves, zombies. So, he must be able to create a hero at all stages and understand the anatomy of the body, retopology, skinning.
  • Universal. It becomes the one who can draw both the environment and the characters.

How to become a concept artist from scratch&

To become a concept artist in the film or game industry, you need to have certain skills.

  • Art education. As a rule, its presence is not important for employers, but it certainly will not be superfluous. It is easier for a concept artist to work if he knows how to depict a person correctly and understands the composition. Self-taught people have to learn everything in practice or from training lessons.
  • Design education. It is also optional, but can greatly facilitate the work of someone who decides to become a concept artist. Today, when drawing art, a specialist rarely uses paper and pencil. Most often, he works in various programs: Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, ZBrush, 3DsMax and others – the designer knows how to use all this.
  • The speed and skill of drawing on paper. In addition to mastering the basic programs, anyone who decides to become a concept specialist must be able to quickly and accurately sketch by hand.
  • Profile education. As such, higher education, as a result of which you can get a diploma “concept artist”, no. But there are courses where you can learn how to create a cartoon or a game from scratch. Among these schools are Skillbox, Conceptart:education and others.
  • A portfolio with the best works is a must-have for an artist who has decided to become a concept artist. The works should ideally be in the same style and meet the requirements of the modern art industry.
  • Ability to work within the framework of the technical task. Anyone who wants to become a concept artist must be able to clearly perform the task.
  • At least remotely understand the psychology of behavior. This is necessary, since the concept artist must not only visualize, but also work out the features of the character’s characters.
  • Understand the principles of color and composition. This can be learned in art courses, on your own or at a concept art school like MDP.
  • There are many self-taught artists who learn from scratch all the principles to work on their own in practice, as well as watching training video tutorials. 

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What does a game artist do?

The game artist or designer is in charge of the whole game’s visuals. For all visual components of the game, including characters, backdrops, environments, lighting, colors, and textures, he prepares early drawings. In general, he is in charge of the game’s visual appeal, which is vital to players.

The duties of a game designer vary based on their speciality.

Concept artist – he was already described.

3D modelers develop people and environments in 3D, concentrating on the game’s limitations.

The 2D texture artist paints the game’s goods, characters, and locations. Perspective, lighting, and visual effects skills are required.

The character’s environment expert works on it. He creates the multi-layered game environment by 3D modeling ready-made graphics.

LIGHTING ARTIST: Every game level is adjusted by the professional to make the image more realistic.

The effects expert uses 2D and 3D tools. He is the cause of all flashes, including gunfire, lightning, fire, dust, fog, and more.

In tiny businesses, one individual generally does it all.

The salary of a game designer varies depending on the area and specialty.

Large game firms look at the author’s portfolio and how well it matches the game’s aesthetic. Artistic or other specific training will help. A game designer must be able to work in many programs and employ 3D and 2D visuals.

All of the following principles may help a game creator get work. At the same time, it’s vital that the portfolio suits the company’s aesthetic.

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