How to Build a Harmonious Marriage? – Top Recommendations From Experts

If you feel your marriage is suffering and the intimacy is not as good as it once was, fear no more. This is common among couples and can be corrected easily. Sex is a vital part of a happy marriage, so getting your intimacy in order is the first priority. When you become intimate in a way that pleases you and your partner, intimacy will be something that you will look forward to every single day.  

Sex and Hormones

According to, good sex is the cornerstone of a happy relationship. The main reason for this is the chemicals that are released during intimacy. Thanks to feel-good hormones, you can feel on cloud nine:

🍒 Dopamine – a type of hormone that plays a role in movement, memory and motivation. Released dopamine means you are satisfied and feel good because you achieved something. 

🍒 Endorphins – hormones that release during pleasurable activities including eating, sex and exercise. Endorphins  help to overcome stress and relieve pain. 

🍒 Oxytocin – this is a hormone that manages the female and male reproductive systems. The hormone is also called “love drug” as it is released when we feel aroused by our partners. 

So it makes perfect sense that once you both get your share of these hormones, it strengthens a marriage. By trying kinky sex ideas in the bedroom, you can elevate your relationship and keep things nice and fresh. Luckily, you are not short of ways to make your sex like a firework. The main thing is to have an open mind because trying new things in the bedroom requires flexibility and creativity. 

It is Time to Spice Things Up

Through kinky role play, your marriage can become stronger, as can your sexual gratification. Learn to communicate your fantasies to your partner. It is important to express your desires and to be open and honest about what you like. Exciting kinky scenarios must be played out in your bedroom to intensify your sex. Not only will your physical connection improve, but you and your lover will also become closer emotionally. 

Good sex certainly brings couples closer together in a harmonious marriage. Using role play ideas for couples prevents things from getting stale in the bedroom. However, you should first learn to talk about your desires and the things that bring you pleasure. So talking creates an emotional connection. Remember that one without the other will not work. They are two faces of the same coin, so let’s learn how to implement both for the best results. 

Top 5 Recommendations to a Happy Marriage 

It is time to stop being shy and reveal your inner self . It can be challenging to reveal what you want and what you are not satisfied with to your partner. However, it opens the door for marriage growth and maturity. Please check out the list below of 5 effective tips that can change your marriage. 

🔥 Watch sex videos together

By watching sex videos, you will both get turned on, creating more intense sexual chemistry. It will also give you ideas you can use for kinky roleplay. Watch porn with your lover and see what other people do when having sex. This will certainly get you in the right mood to jump on each other. It is all about learning from others and being open to different strategies. Watching free porn for women as a couple brings maturity to your marriage too.

🔥 Wear sexy outfits 

Wearing different clothes than usual is a great way to spice things up. A nurse’s outfit, a cop uniform, or a maid’s costume are just some of the ideas you can use. Speaking with your partner to understand which outfit will excite him or her is key if you want to invite role play ideas for bedroom. Wearing sexy outfits will help your sex life become much more intense, which in turn strengthens your connection. 

🔥 Sit back and watch your partner

This tip is simple, but it helps take your sex life to another level. You can watch your partner touching her or his body parts. You can ask your wife to do a striptease for you. Actually, asking your husband to do an erotic dance for you i snot weird at all. The best thing about this tip is that it works both ways. One gets aroused while another is responsible for delivering visual pleasure. 

🔥 Spanking brings you closer

Why not spice up your sex life with a bit of spanking? It is a fantastic way to heighten the pleasure in the bedroom. Spanking is one of the many excellent role play ideas for beginners if things get a bit boring in the bedroom. You will find your senses engaged, which creates a unique full-body experience. You and your partner will learn to trust each other more and be okay with giving your power.

🔥 Chat with each other and express your thoughts

Marriage can become stagnant over time if communication gaps exist between partners; taking the time to express your thoughts and desires to your partner can save any marriage from disintegrating completely. Take some time out each week to sit together with them and discuss this key component. It is the fastest way to feel connected again. Do not forget that sex is not just physical but also mental. We first feel excitement in the brain, and then it fills our veins. Therapists recommend couples talk about their sexuality and bodies for a better understanding of each others’ needs. 

👉 These are five excellent tips that can assist you in having a harmonious marriage with your partner. Start with the one that seems easiest. It can be talking or straight spanking. If you find an improvement in your relationship, move on to the other tips. They will undoubtedly help you become more mature and understand each other’s desires. What can be better than making each other’s dreams come true?


Gladly, you took the time to read through the whole article. Be open-minded and experiment with the kinky role play ideas provided above. These tips have proven to work successfully for many couples and will surely take your marriage to new heights. Intimacy is at the center of any healthy relationship; once it’s established properly, everything else will follow naturally.

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