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How to Buy a Property in Turkey?

Want to buy a beautiful home in Turkey but don’t know where to start? Properties for sale in Turkey are some of the most affordable and have proved to be a perfect long-term investment for many. 

Furthermore, many have purchased properties in this country to either spend their holidays, for permanent living or to gain rental income.   

Whether you are interested in the beachfront properties in sunny Fethiye or the ultra-modern villas in the suburbs of Istanbul, this guide will walk you through a step-by-step process of how to buy property in Turkey so that you are protected from any fraud and loss.

A Detailed Step-by-step Guide

The following steps will tell you everything there is to know about how you can buy a property in Turkey safely:

Market Research

The Turkish property market is never the same. It keeps evolving, and with every passing day, new projects are completed. In addition, there are countless real estate agents in the market. With all this in mind, you should research the different regions in Turkey and the type of property you desire.

We at Prime Property Turkey have a wealth of knowledge about the local property market. We possess expert real estate consultants equipped to effectively advise our esteemed clientele on the regions of Turkey and also have the resources to aid them in the legal aspects of the property-buying process.

Look for A Trusted Real Estate Agent 

The type of property that is perfect for you depends on your preferences and lifestyle. To find this, you must contact an experienced local real estate agent and ensure they completely understand what you want. 

A local agent with the right knowledge can help you understand which area and project are best for you based on your requirements. 

When you speak to your agent, it is best to be candid about your expectations and budget. Be frank and create a good understanding with your agent so that they can provide you with all the deals that offer the best value.

Make a Trip to Turkey

You should come to Turkey and visit the location to understand the area better, know what’s available, and see if it matches your expectations. Prime Property Turkey believes in being fully transparent with our clients to ensure they are comfortable with their investments and get an excellent return for their money.

You should inspect the properties carefully and thoroughly analyze your options to save yourself from any hassle later.

Negotiating the Property Price

Price negotiation is crucial. No matter the type of property you want (residential or commercial), Prime Property Turkey can help you negotiate a fantastic price and ensure you get your property on your terms.

Secure the Property 

This is the next step in the purchasing process and is done by paying a deposit to secure your property. Remember that you can’t get this deposit back if you decide to cancel the property purchase. 

If you find your ideal property, don’t wait any longer and reserve it for yourself as soon as possible before it increases in value.

Acquire a Solicitor

You should now appoint a reliable solicitor and grant them power of attorney to take the purchase process further from your side. 

The most significant benefit of having a solicitor is that you don’t have to be physically present to wrap up the purchase and deal with all the complicated and time-consuming legal requirements. 

A solicitor can ensure everything goes seamlessly without any disruptions. Your solicitor can also run some necessary concluding examinations of the property to ensure your purchase is safe. They also analyze essential documents to ensure a successful transaction. 

We can connect our clientele with the most qualified and experienced solicitors to help them make a secure purchase.

Register the TAPU 

Now you can finish this process by registering the Title deed or TAPU. You can make an appointment at the TAPU office and get a title deed issued under your name. 

Finally, you have acquired your dream property.

Why Buy Property in Turkey?

For starters, Turkey has a powerful real estate portfolio that can allow for an impressive ROI. Not to mention, there is something for every foreign property buyer’s budget. There are so many affordable apartments and villa options for those who don’t have a budget for luxury. 

Commercial units with excellent innovative facilities located in prestigious locations are the ideal purchase for foreigners looking to set up a business and make valuable connections. 

Additionally, the maintenance costs for Turkish real estate are the lowest compared to Europe, which makes for lucrative resales. 

This concludes our guide on how to buy a property in Turkey. Contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about properties in Turkey.

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