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How to Buy Bitcoins on Gemini

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Being the most expensive cryptocurrency network, buying bitcoins is a common trend nowadays. Look for different stockbrokers, apps, and crypto exchange services to purchase bitcoins. However, the most reliable platform for buying bitcoins is Gemini.

No worries if you cannot figure out the bitcoin buying process on Gemini. This blog post will discuss how you can purchase bitcoins by using Gemini.

Steps of Buying Your Bitcoins on Gemini

Whether you will buy your first bitcoin or an experienced one, you need to follow this step-by-step bitcoin purchasing guide. Grab your first bitcoin by following these seven steps.

Step # 1: Register an Account on Gemini

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account on the official Gemini site. For this purpose, click on the icon of “register.” Doing so will take you to some boxes you need to fill with your email and personal information.

Moreover, set a secure and strong password for your Gemini account. We suggest including mixed characters consisting of capital letters, numbers, and symbols. The more tricky the password you selected, the harder it is to crack your account.

Step # 2: Activate Your Gemini Account

After successful registration of your account on Gemini, check your email. You will get an activation key to activate your account via email. Insert this activation key in your account.

When your Gemini account gets activated, you will reach the Gemini page. Click on the icon of “Get Started” to proceed with different settings of the Gemini account.

Step # 3: Set Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Setting two-factor authentication is critical to claim your identity under challenging circumstances. If you cannot perceive what 2FA is, let’s explain it with an example. You enter your PIN code and card information for a smooth transaction wherever you go to an ATM to withdraw money.

Similarly, you must need a 2FA code that you will get after entering accurate login details and passwords. Whether you want to get your code on your mobile number via SMS or application, it’s up to you. Never forget to enter your mobile number and location for smooth trading.

Step # 4: Add Your Bank Account

Once all other information is entered, add your bank account. This step of bank account information insertion is significant to ensure that you are the account owner. Never enter others’ bank account details as they will get rejected. Gemini exchange accepts funds delivered via wires and banks.

To initiate immediate transactions, you should use ACH deposits. However, the verification process will be faster if your account is in a corporate bank. On the other hand, you will have to enter all fields manually in a local bank account. When you insert all the required information, you will receive transfer wiring instructions.

Step # 5: Get Your Identity Verified

The next step after adding bank details is verification. To verify your identity, you have to submit residence proof ( utility bill) and identity proof in the form of a passport or license. After uploading these documents, you will have to wait till verification. Verification can be done in hours to days depending upon applications.

Step # 6: Start Funding Your Account

After verification, you can fund your account. Remember that you can provide funds to Gemini accounts only in USD. For this purpose, feel free to pick any one of wire transfers and ACH deposits. Make sure to transfer funds within the per-day limit of depositing means.

Step # 7: Start Trading By Buying Bitcoins

When you fulfill all the prerequisites, you will start bitcoin trading. It is the step where you can buy bitcoins from Gemini. At this stage, purchasing bitcoins is very simple. All you need is to choose a specific coin symbol you want to buy and tap on the suitable pair (ETH/USD, BTC/USD).

Concluding Remarks

Above all, it is proved that buying bitcoins on Gemini is very simple. The only thing you need to do is insert accurate information in all fields and steps. After setting the amount you want to pay for buying a bitcoin, you will get the one. Beside of the Bitcoin ban in many countries you can monetize more through bitcoin trading by purchasing bitcoins on Gemini. Enjoy bitcoin purchasing as well as bitcoin trading!

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