How To Choose Ibogaine Treatment Center: 5 Tips

Any form of addiction, whether alcohol, drug, or gambling, is a mental addiction. That makes it harder to get rid of your addiction problem. Once you are addicted, you develop a dependent behavior model, which is hard to stop. And, the standard techniques and the extremely long psychotherapy classes don’t produce the desired results. 

Ibogaine treatment is an alternative method of treating addiction and the related withdrawal symptoms. The treatment sessions are generally short and very effective in dealing with addiction problems. However, the success of your treatment majorly depends on the treatment center that you choose. With that said, let’s look at the top 5 tips to help you select an ibogaine treatment center. 

Check the safety records of the treatment center

Ibogaine is a potent substance, which needs medical supervision and responsible use. Therefore, you need to choose an ibogaine treatment center with the required precautions to keep you safe and healthy. 

That means the center that you choose should enquire about your psychiatric and medical history. Besides, they need to know the drugs you have been using, for how long, and how much you have used them. A full blood test is mandatory, in addition to tests to check if your kidneys and liver are functioning properly. Also, the treatment center should have emergency medical plans. The staff working at the center should have the proper medical training too. 

It’s recommended to make sure that the ibogaine treatment center that you choose follows these procedures. Never entrust your health to a treatment center willing to put your health at risk by ignoring these essential guidelines. 

Check whether the treatment center is operating legally

Ibogaine is categorized as a psychoactive substance. Because of this, many countries have prohibited its use because of the potential for abuse. If you feel that ibogaine treatment is your way out of your addiction problem, you don’t want to get into trouble because of it. 

Instead, you need to seek an ibogaine treatment center in a jurisdiction where it’s been allowed to operate. With this, you will be assured of receiving professional care from professionals instead of quacks operating illegally. Please note that an illegally operating treatment center might not have any emergency procedures in place if something goes wrong during your treatment. 

What do they offer?

If you choose ibogaine treatment to overcome your drug and substance abuse problem, you will have a 6-month window of freedom for any form of cravings. Suppose you are using ibogaine to pursue personal growth or to treat mental illness. In that case, the ibogaine’s effect on your central nervous system will show up immediately after you complete your treatment. 

Either way, you will have an essential window of time after your ibogaine treatment where your body and mind will be very receptive to making the changes you need and developing healthy habits. 

With that said, you must find an ibogaine treatment center that empowers you to carry on once the effects of ibogaine wear off. If you are looking for a therapist, traditional counseling, or CBT, choose a treatment center that has these options. If you believe that art therapy, yoga, mindfulness training, or yoga would work best for you, go for treatment centers that have these alternatives. 

You are the one who knows the kind of future you want to build for yourself. Besides, you know the kind of therapies that your body responds to. So, look for an ibogaine treatment center that can give you the treatment that you need. 

How’s the environment in the center?

The professionals at Clear Sky Recovery, an ibogaine treatment clinic, say that an ibogaine treatment involves an intense 8- to 12-hour journey, which takes you through your subconscious, past, and the deepest part of yourself. Besides, you might find yourself facing the traumatic experiences of your past, the reality of who you are, and how your current life has become. 

You will spend most of your pre- and post-treatment time preparing and recovering from this. Therefore, it’s essential to find a treatment center that provides a peaceful and relaxing environment. Moreover, the treatment center should have all the amenities you need to comfort during the recovery period. 

A clean room, friendly staff, nutritious food, exercise facilities, hot tubs, pools, and privacy can give you a positive experience. This, in turn, can speed up your recovery process and give you the mindset you need to start a new life. 

Does the center have aftercare programs?

Developing and following a clear plan for maintaining your sobriety has profound effects on the outcome of your treatment. Therefore, you need to have a solid plan to help you deal with life after addiction if you want your ibogaine therapy to have long-lasting effects. 

That said, you should look for a treatment center that can assist you in creating and implementing your plan for success, offering post-treatment counseling and aid. Moreover, you should get the help you need to make meaningful connections with the support group you need in this new life of sobriety. 

So, whether you get support from professionals or peers, you will realize that joining a support group makes you stronger. If possible, make sure you join a support group—and this can be the traditional 12-step program or a Smart Recovery program. Finding a peer support group of people who have undergone ibogaine therapy can help you get valuable advice and insights to continue staying sober. 

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