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How to choose lingerie that complements your body shape

Lingerie is not only a necessity, but also a very attractive element of the wardrobe which helps women feel beautiful and desirable. 

A huge range of commercially available bras, panties or sets of exquisite underwear allows each woman to find a good option. It is important that the model chosen is comfortable and highlights the beauty of your body. Body shape plays a key role in this choice, so Empress Mimi is here to help you figure out how to identify the type of your figure and what kinds of underwear will work best with it. There is no such thing as an unattractive body or unsuitable lingerie – you just need to find your perfect set that will emphasize the advantages and hide the imperfections of your body.

Understanding body shapes

The shape of our body depends on many factors: genetics, lifestyle, health, etc. Each woman is really unique and beautiful in her own way. Based on the body dimensions and their proportions, female body types are traditionally categorized as apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass. In addition, you may have also heard about straight and full-figured shapes, each of which with its own characteristics. If you correctly determine your body type, you will be able to understand which lingerie sets will suit you best. This is easy to do – you just have to consider the following.

Women with an “apple” body shape tend to have relatively thin and long limbs, proportional hips and shoulders, an undefined waist and a predisposition to the appearance of fat deposits on the abdomen. The shoulder width is usually the same as the volume of the hips, and the bottom is often flat. In this case, emphasize the beauty of breasts and visually elongate the silhouette with the help of corsets and peignoirs.

If your body type is “pear”, you can certainly boast of a thin waist and wide hips. Visually, the difference between the width of your hips and shoulders is clearly visible, and your breasts are usually small in size. Try to choose lingerie that visually highlights the upper part of the body and draws attention away from the lower. For example, you can buy a brightly colored bra with a lot of decorative elements. 

Women with an hourglass figure are characterized by a lush chest, feminine line of shoulders, thin waist and fairly wide hips in proportion to the chest. This type of figure is considered the most balanced and visually appealing, and you only need to emphasize the smooth curves of the body with beautiful lingerie. Of course, in this case it is better not to buy baggy negligees. 

Having a magnificent shape at the top, bottom, or both areas of your silhouette is not a reason to stop searching for suitable lingerie. The era of shapeless bras and identical panties for full-figured women is long gone. Today, each of us can feel like a queen in a set designed by well-known lingerie designers. This applies to all women, including those with straight silhouette lines where the width of the chest, waist, and hips is about the same.

Whatever your body shape, you will find the perfect lingerie for it here In the Empress Mimi store you will be able to choose a luxurious lingerie set regardless of your figure type, guided by the following recommendations.

Choosing lingerie for an apple shape 

The “apple” shape got its name because, just like many people’s favorite fruit, the widest part is the center. Simply put, the volume of the abdomen is always larger than the width of the chest and hips, so your goal is to emphasize them as much as possible. The right solution is to choose lingerie that visually  elongates your body:

  • Body with a deep V-neck, perhaps with side bones for better breast support (will be an excellent alternative to a separate set of bra and panties, which definitely can not hide the line of the belly).
  • A bra with thin straps is ideal for panties with a high waist (possibly with a shrinking effect).
  • Negligee in the style of a baby doll (the perfect solution for women who want to hide the belly, to feel as free and feminine as possible).

Do you like to experiment and change your image every time? Order several variants of underwear to stay irresistible in any situation.

Choosing lingerie for a pear shape

If you love ruffles and padded bras and your figure type is pear, you are in luck. With them, you can draw attention to the pronounced top, emphasizing the breasts, shoulders and collarbones. 

Don’t be afraid to combine bandeau with high-waist panties. A bandeau with a deep neckline visually highlights the top, and high panties perfectly emphasize the curves of the body. There are a lot of variations in colors and shades of such underwear. 

For special occasions, the women with a “pear” figure can go for a sexy chiffon dress or frank black lace. Tiny straps or their complete absence expose the shoulders, arms and the upper part of the chest, which is a good way to draw attention to this area.

Choosing lingerie for an hourglass shape 

A well-defined waist is the main advantage of this type of figure and it should be emphasized with clothing. This also applies to the choice of lingerie, so pay attention to the following types:

  • Belts with suspenders, which perfectly combine with bikini panties.
  • Simple lace bra without bones, which perfectly complements the high leg panty (simplicity always emphasizes all the curves of the body and its proportions).
  • Bras with push-ups that cover the breasts (great for women with small breasts, because they make them more visible).

Having lace-tight bodies and classic corsets in your closet wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, it’s important to note that this type of lingerie looks best on slender women with smaller body volumes.

Choosing lingerie for a rectangular shape

Women with a rectangular body shape are characterized by a balanced size of the bust, waist, and hips. If you want to create a more feminine silhouette and emphasize your waist, bust, and hips, consider buying push-up bras, bikini panties, or models with decorative elements that visually enhance the hips.

A tightening corset with a push-up effect and belts with garter straps can also be a great choice, as they can tighten the flanks and create a more noticeable waistline. Additionally, high-waisted panties can help achieve this goal. When it comes to color, choose whatever you prefer since it doesn’t play a significant role.

Choosing lingerie for a full-figured shape

A full-figured shape is typically seen in women who wear clothes size 12 or larger. While the arms, shoulders, chest, hips, back, and other parts of the body are rounded, this doesn’t necessarily indicate excess weight. It’s not uncommon for body proportions to be maintained, with larger breasts than the belly or hips. Bra sizes range from D cup to DD or even K, and in all cases, it’s important to choose full-coverage models that provide proper support.

High-waisted panties with a tightening effect are an excellent match for these bras. They should cover the buttocks and hips, elongating the figure. Additionally, consider choosing sexy negligees that slightly cover the buttocks. Opt for models that provide excellent breast support, are not tight on the belly, and slide freely down the thighs (versions in the form of a bell are worth considering). Lightweight, slippery fabrics can give a sense of lightness to your overall look, making you feel like a queen.


Regardless of your body type, you can always choose comfortable, beautiful, and sexy lingerie. The key is to highlight your strengths and conceal any flaws. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of bras, panties, and corsets to find the most comfortable option for yourself. Select what you like and what looks good on your body, and Empress Mimi can help you make a successful purchase. Your inner self-confidence will radiate outward, and it won’t go unnoticed by others.

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