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How to Choose the Best NDIS Plan Manager

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NDIA encourages all its participants to accomplish their short, mid, and long-term goals and become as independent as possible. They provide funding that helps the participants to achieve their goals. However, if the NDIS participant chooses to manage their funding, it might become stressful, and they may not be able to spend enough resources to achieve their goals which will defeat the purpose of NDIS. In such circumstances, appointing an NDIS plan manager in Sydney is a wise choice as they can overlook finances, and the participants can focus on accomplishing their goals. 

If you are also on the look-out for an NDIS plan manager in Sydney and want to choose the best one, the article is for you-

What Is Plan Management?

The NDIS participant can inform the NDIA staff how they would like to manage their NDIS plan. They can choose any of the following 4 options-

  • NDIA manages the funding and directly pays the providers
  • Participants manage the funding
  • Plan managers or plan management agencies manage the funding
  • Participants opt for a combination of all the three fund management options

The NDIS plan management in Sydney is one of the fund management options that can assist the participants in managing their finances, tracking expenses, maintaining the statements, and helping the participants get the most out of their NDIS plan. 

The NDIS plan managers in Sydney or elsewhere help the participants-

  • Manage their finances
  • Track the expenses
  • Maintain financial statements
  • Showing the records during plan renewal
  • Help to choose the suitable provider
  • Negotiate and find support at reasonable costs
  • Ensure that the budget lasts for the duration
  • Make claims and pay the supports
  • Attain the most out of the plan

How to Find an NDIS Plan Manager?

If you want an NDIS plan manager in Sydney, below are some ways to find the best ones-

  • Contact your Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Coordinator, or support coordinator
  • NDIS myplace participant portal
  • Ask your family and friends for references
  • Search ‘NDIS Plan Managers Near Me on the internet

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best NDIS Plan Manager

After you have the contacts of companies doing NDIS plan management in Sydney, you need to find the best one amongst them. Below are some ways to analyse if the plan management company is suitable for your needs-

Check the Registration

When you work with an NDIS plan manager in Sydney, you can opt for the services of both registered and unregistered providers. However, you must always look forward to choosing a registered NDIS plan manager. Only a registered plan manager can submit claims on your behalf through the portal.

Evaluate the Experience

The NDIS plan manager must be empathetic and understanding. You can ask them for their experience to understand if they have the empathy to assist the NDIS participants or not. If you see a diverse clientele and can also find ways to know their review, you can ensure that the NDIS plan manager is empathetic, and that’s why they have a long list of happy clients.

Financial Expertise

The primary task of NDIS plan management in Sydney or elsewhere is to handle the finances expertly. Therefore the key criterion for appointing your plan manager is to determine if they are skilled enough to manage the NDIS funding. Seeking a plan manager who owns a finance, accounting, or bookkeeping background can help. 

Type of Service

There are 2 types of NDIS plan managers. First are locals, who have an office near your location. These plan managers can be available for you, and you can interact face-to-face with them. The second option is a virtual plan manager. These plan managers may not necessarily have an office near your area or may not even visit you. However, they shall always be available on the phone or chat to guide you regarding the decisions related to the NDIS funding.

Respect Your Choices

The trustable NDIS plan manager in Sydney will always give preference to your choices. They shall always be willing to listen and help to make your own decisions. If you find your NDIS plan manager giving ample importance to your picks and helping to exercise those, they can be the right choice.

Trust Your Insticts

There can be many yardsticks to analyse a plan manager’s worth; however, nothing can guide you better than yourself. Therefore always ask yourself if the person is empathetic and understanding and whether you have an ease of communication with them. If you feel the plan manager is the most suitable for your needs, go forward with your decision.

How to Get the Funding for an NDIS Plan Manager in Sydney?

It takes a few simple steps to ensure that participants receive the funding for plan managers from NDIS. These are-

  • Inform the NDIA staff about the need for plan managers during the planning meeting
  • The NDIS will include funding for plan management in your NDIS plan
  • Find the best NDIS plan manager and utilise their services

How to Change the NDIS Plan Manager?

Changing the plan manager is also as easy as appointing them. If and when you need to make a shift, inform your plan manager, and they shall help you make the transition.

Summing Up

The NDIS plan manager in Sydney or elsewhere plays a pivotal role in making the most of your NDIS plan. With their help and guidance, you can receive the best services at a reasonable price. However, the key to enjoying their services is to find a reliable and trustworthy NDIS plan manager. 

We recommend Sky Plan Management, a registered plan management company that is person-centred and works to render perfect management for your NDIS plan. Here is how Sky Plan Management intends to serve you-

  • Releasing monthly NDIS plan budget to the participants
  • Availability of specialist assistance
  • Invoice payment within 24 hours; max time is 2 days
  • Real-time access to the NDIS budget through the dashboard
  • Available to respond to queries within 24 hours

If you want to know more about us, you can mail us at [email protected] or call 1300 103 787.

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