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How to Choose the Right Animation Video Production Company

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3D animation videos are proving to be a potent marketing tool. They are a great step in increasing engagement and interest amongst audiences. So why is this important? The answer is quite simple if you know how the digital space is. You see, the amount of competition online is staggering. Audiences have so much coming at them as brands fight for a share of voice.

The digital space evened out the playing field. Free or cost-effective advertising and marketing opportunities abound. This is unlike in the older days when analog media ruled. At that time, the companies with resources would dominate. Woe unto you if you were a startup or had a small business. Lack of financial might would impact your marketing or advertising opportunities.

Yet, the very advantage of the digital space is also a disadvantage. As a brand, you must do all you can to stand out. And animation videos are a fantastic idea for that. But only some graphic designers can create animation videos. It helps to have a team of professionals handle the work for you.

Our article walks you through choosing the right animation video production company.

Decide If You Want a Vendor or Partner

Are you looking to hire a video animation company as a vendor or partner?

  • Vendors are ideal if you already have an in-house animation production team. The vendor only comes in to provide help as necessary.
  • Partners take on the entire work right from strategy to the final execution.

Expertise in Developing Animation Videos

When choosing a video animation company, please check their expertise. Not all video production companies can handle this area of specialization. There is a lot that goes into creating 3D motion graphics, including the use of special software. 

Techniques like explainer video production need someone who can write and edit scripts. They should be able to condense and break down complex material into digestible bits.

  • Experience

One of the most critical factors in choosing a 3D animation company is experience. That should be easy to determine by looking at their portfolio. Seeing the type of animations they have worked on is essential. Look at the video quality, scripting, voice-overs, and sound mix.

Please review the case studies and read their background story, culture, and values. Graphic design and animation is a field that requires passion and a love for the job. Does this reflect in what you read about the company?

  • Creativity

Also, check the level of creativity. Is the animated video production company, for example, using stock or original images? When you look at their work, do you feel like you have seen the same concept elsewhere?

  • Processes

You may not need to know the nitty-gritty of what goes into animated video production. But, what is your impression of how the teams deal with you from the initial phase? Professional companies will:-

  • Have a briefing form for the client to fill out
  • Take time to understand your brand and what you need
  • Carry out research specific to your needs
  • Have proper schedules, including timelines and deadlines

The company has enough resources to handle your work. This should include a client service person as the point of contact. It saves you the trouble of talking to so many people or being unable to reach someone when you need to. Design jobs have a lot of back and forth. It can be frustrating if you do not have a client service person. Their job is to be the middleman between the teams and the client. They channel communication to and from as need be.

Does the video animation company make time for face-to-face conversations? How do they respond to questions or feedback? Are they offering suggestions while incorporating your ideas? Does the team make you feel comfortable and confident in their expertise, etc.?

  • Client Testimonials/Review

Client testimonials and reviews are critical to your due diligence. But, in this digital age, it is easy to fabricate such. So, take it a step further by asking for client references. Beyond that, take time to call a few of them. Sometimes, what someone says can reveal a lot more.

In-House Capability to Handle the Video Animation Scope of Work

Many different components come together for a successful 3D or explainer video production. These include:-

  • The core team that will work on the project
  • Production management that includes the role of the producer to work with the core team
  • Voice-over management, including hiring the right person and directing them.
  • Sound design is critical to creating the right environment. It covers ambiance like blowing wind, chirping birds, and forest sounds. Other sound design aspects are sound effects, voice-overs, music, and foley.

The importance of having in-house capabilities are many. The most obvious is higher efficiency because the resources are right there. It can also impact costs if the video animation company has to use third-party suppliers.

Transparency in Pricing

Your scope of work will often determine the pricing structure. The more technical the project, the higher you can expect to pay. So, you may not get the final figures from the initial meeting.

But, how willing is the video animation company to walk you through its pricing structure. This step is critical in the due diligence phase.

  • Are they transparent about each line item in their billing structures?
  • Is there a complete breakdown of all the costs you will be liable for?
  • Can they explain what miscellaneous costs are? And how much control do you have over such? Professional companies will only spend money with a direct go-ahead from the customer.

If the representative seems to be hedging or avoiding questions, that is a red flag. Your final tally could explain hidden costs or expenses you knew nothing about. 

Also, it is okay to have an idea of the market rates. Remember, it doesn’t always mean that the more expensive companies will deliver a better job. Knowledge of the rates will also make it easier to negotiate for better rates.

Final Thoughts

Take your brand to the next level with animated videos. You will realize tons of benefits for your marketing campaigns. But, one critical step is choosing the right animated video production company. We have shared some workable tips you must include in your due diligence above.

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