How to consume less RAM on your PC or laptop?

  • RAM is one of the big speed managers on your PC. How to consume it efficiently?

In the world of computing, being a proactive user in terms of maintenance issues has become a first-hand necessity, especially in recent times when everyday work has depended on our personal laptops or PCs.


One of the most crucial aspects to get the most out of a computer is knowing what RAM is for. It is one of the most important elements of a PC and partially dictates what so many tasks we can perform at the same time or the intensity of these.

Of course, when our PC starts using too much RAM, the experience can be very nerve-wringing. Even if Windows itself handles it in the most appropriate way, there are many times when we can give it a hand and prevent our computer from getting stuck for a long time.

Close programs that consume a lot of RAM

The easiest way to do this is by looking at Task Manager. To open it, right-click on the taskbar and choose the corresponding option, or simply press Ctrl+ Alt + Escape. Once this is done, open the More details option and sort the list of processes according to Memory.

If you see a task with too much consumption percentage, you can close it by right-clicking it and clicking on‘Finish Task’.

Turn off programs that start with your PC

With each system boot, some programs can run automatically, loading tasks to RAM from a start. To disable the app that most affects the performance of our PC, go to the ‘Home’ tab of Task Manager and locate those processes that have high in the Startup Impact column.

Once found, you can disable them by right-clicking on them and selecting the corresponding option. If still the RAM issue continues then it is recommended to use Cloud based PC such as Azure Virtual Desktop or Azure Virtual Server etc. for scalable RAM and endless cloud storage.

Uninstall programs you don’t use

Many programs can consume RAM through background services that run even when we don’t use the mentioned app. It is always a better idea to uninstall anything that is not useful.

To uninstall apps you don’t use, press the Windows key + I, and then go to Apps. Once there, choose the program you don’t use too much and tap on the uninstall button below.

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