How to convert Flipkart coins to cash  & How to use Myntra super coins

Are you done with your shopping on FlipKart and have earned lots of “Flipkart supercoins?” Don’t know how to convert Flipkart coins to cash? Well, you are not the first who is finding the solution to it.  Reap the benefits before the expiration of these coins. Although there is no direct way to convert these coins or redeem it into your account but  “Flipkart coins” can be exchanged for a variety of benefits like discounts and other offers. In this article, we will go through various tips for using your Flipkart coins and effectively converting them into useful and tangible benefits. 

  • Benefits of using Flipkart Plus

Members of Flipkart Plus can take advantage provided by the program to increase the value of their Flipkart coins. With free and quicker delivery, early access to deals and priority customer support, improve your entire shopping experience and even make savings on subsequent purchases. 

  • Redeem coins for deals and discounts:

Using Flipkart coins, customers can take advantage of the exclusive discounts and offers that Flipkart frequently offers. You can use these discounts at checkout to reduce the cost of your purchases. Visit the Flipkart Plus section of the website or app to know about the discounts that are available and redeem your coins as necessary.

  • Exchange coins for gift vouchers:

In order to sell gift cards, Flipkart frequently collaborates with well-known companies and services. You can check the Flipkart Plus section if there is any coupon available to redeem. These coupons can be the best method to exchange your money for worthwhile goods or services from a variety of partner brands.

  • Take part in contests and auctions:

Flipkart occasionally holds contests and auctions where you may bid on or win amazing products or experiences with your Flipkart coins. You might be able to convert your available coins  into tangible goods which you had wanted to buy for a very long time. 

  • Reduced flight and hotel pricing: 

Flipkart works with many travel partners to provide users flights and hotels at reduced price. So while booking your hotel or flights, you can use these supercoins to save money on your trip. In the SuperCoin Zone or the Rewards section of the Flipkart app, keep an eye out for these deals.

  • Get Subscription benefits 

By using your SuperCoins, you can have access to unique benefits, including membership plans that Flipkart offers, such as Flipkart Plus Membership or SuperCoin Exchange, free access to streaming services, low-price memberships, or premium services. To know more about the available subscription offers and to redeem your SuperCoins in the appropriate way, explore the Flipkart Plus section.

Now you are aware of converting Flipkart coins to cash, so it’s time to move forward to get to know all about how to use Myntra super coins.

How to use Myntra super coins

Using Myntra SuperCoins can make your shopping more affordable and  simple. You will have the opportunity to use your SuperCoins during the checkout process. The discount amount will be added to your order when you simply select the SuperCoins. So let’s check out the process to use Myntra super coins.

Here are the steps to use Myntra super coins. 

  • Log into your account by opening the Myntra app or through the Myntra website.
  • Look through the extensive selection of products on Myntra and add your preferred product to your shopping cart.
  • Go to the checkout page when you have placed all your preferred goods in your cart.
  • After it you can choose to use your SuperCoins on the checkout page. To apply your SuperCoins to your order, click the “Use SuperCoins.”
  • The system will show you the number of SuperCoins you have available in your account together with the discount. Depending on your preference, you can decide to redeem all or some of your SuperCoins.
  • To apply the discount to your order, choose the amount of SuperCoins you want to use and click the “Apply” button.
  • The order summary will reflect the discount and the total amount due will be changed accordingly.
  • Finish the checkout procedure by entering the necessary information for delivery and payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with all the information regarding your purchase after your order is successfully placed.

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