How to Create a Paperless Classroom Using a School Management System

Over the years, technology has made tremendous growth in education with students and teachers across the world in touch with each other via e-learning software. These days schools are leveraging educational technology in innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning methods, integrate new technologies into the classroom, monitor progress of students and run a school management system.

Here are a few ways a school management system can help you reduce paper usage and save time:

1) Manage everyday operations

A school management software is the best way to manage your entire school from one dashboard. With this solution you can easily monitor attendance, grades, timetables of students and teachers, online exams, e-commerce and much more.

2) Increase efficiency

With a school management software in place, monitoring students’ progress can be done easily by teachers without paperwork. The software’s data analysis functionality shows the areas where each student needs help with his/her performance – helping improve grades. Not only that, it gives you access to administration tools to manage parents, monitor staff performance and update records.

3) Save on paper usage

With technology in place, you don’t have to print out any hard copies of reports or mark sheets for students. All the data is available online so teachers can access it without any hassle. A school management software also allows teachers to monitor the progress of every student on a regular basis through reports that detail his/her performance – helping them provide individualized attention to each kid.

4) Organize student activities

Your school management system is the best way to organize any extracurricular activity your students participate in, such as sports tournaments, theater and art competitions. The software has various features like calendar to schedule events, online registration for students, participant management and much more.

5) Streamline parent communication

A school management system can help you send out customized messages to parents via SMS alerts, emails or even letter – depending on what you need. You can also keep a track of all the feedback from parents about their children using this software.

6) E-commerce

A school management software allows you to set up a secure e-commerce platform for selling stationary items, books or any other product via your website. This feature helps create a list of the products you need to offer your students, enter order details and get automatic updates on their availability.

7) Enrollment management

Management of student enrollment, fee collection and record keeping can be a time-consuming process for teachers. You can cut down on this work using a school management software that allows you to take care of the entire enrollment procedure online – from students’ registration details to fee payment by parents. In addition, you can also manage the list of documents needed for enrollment, fee protection and refund.

8) Online tests

The online exam feature available in school management software allows teachers to monitor students’ progress by testing them at different levels – ex. short-term exams, mid terms and final exams. The teacher gets an instant notification about the results scored by students in real-time.

9) Access to reports anytime, anywhere

With a school management software at your disposal, you can get updated with all the records of students and teachers anytime, anywhere– without having to wait for someone else to let you know about their progress. You can monitor attendance on your mobile device or desktop at any time.

10) Trustworthy data

The data collected by your school management system is more trustworthy than the handwritten records made available to teachers. This software tracks students’ attendance, performance and other key details on a regular basis – giving you an accurate assessment of their progress. Less time goes into creating these records so they are always up to date.

11) Free up some time for teachers

Teachers need more free time to interact with students, plan activities and assess their progress on a regular basis. To ease this work, you can give them access to the school management system that they can use on their desktop or mobile device. They can get instant updates on all the relevant information about their students and stay updated with their work.

12) Make parents happy

Using a school management system, teachers can send out regular updates to parents about their kid’s progress – through SMS alerts or emails. This helps create a sense of trust between them and teachers as they feel more informed.

13) Less stress for teachers

School management software is designed to make your work easier. These applications are intuitive and give you an easy-to-understand interface where all key features are placed at convenient locations.

14) Paperless office, digitally secure

A paperless office means that all your academic records, student feedback and school information are stored in a central location – making it easier to find what you need. There is no risk of losing documents as they are available online at any point of time.

15) Cut down on staff costs

Teachers who have access to the school management system can do most of their work independently – without having to depend on other staff members. This helps save costs that are associated with hiring additional manpower.

16) Attain greater efficiency

By putting all the school management functions online, teachers can carry out tasks quickly and help attain greater efficiency in your operations. They will have more time to interact with students, plan activities and engage in administrative tasks.

17) Get more time for teaching and learning

Teachers can easily manage the entire academic calendar, from scheduling classes to creating examination timetables within a school management system. They can focus on teaching and learning rather than administrative work that reduces their quality of teaching.

18) Integrate all school management functions under one roof

The school management system is a comprehensive software that can be used to perform all key functions – from registration and attendance to fee collection, budgeting and reporting. It’s a one-stop solution for all school requirements.

19) Improve students’ performance

A complete online record of academic records enables you to monitor the progress of your students on a regular basis. You can analyze it to find out if there are any gaps in their learning and take necessary steps to improve their performance.

Whew! That was an exhaustive list. The good news is that there are so many ways to make your school go paperless whether using a software for school management, a learning management system, or a system that combines both. No more paper and Google classrooms for online classes!

Zara Raza is the Head of Marketing at SchoolCues, the premier all-in-one school management system for small schools.

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