How to Create a Splendid Pride Presentation [7 Amazing LGBT PowerPoint Templates Inside]

A well-made presentation is a great way to promote your ideas to a large audience. For your information to catch people’s attention and convey its main meaning, it should be beautifully designed. You can create a modern presentation with a ready-made template. The platform  MasterBundles offers engaging presentation templates with a stylish design. Today we’re going to talk about how to create a splendid LGBT presentation that your audience will definitely appreciate.

You can find and download PowerPoint themes for any topic you need, and then edit to your taste. There are also many options for LGBT-themed templates. The main secrets of a cool Pride presentation are stylish fonts, quality icons, and the right choice of colors. Typically, classic LGBT flag colors are used for LGBT presentations. Download the relevant template, and choose the colors that work best for your project. Then place text and photos on each slide. You can supplement your presentation with themed icons. 

How Can You Use LGBT PowerPoint Templates? 

With attractive and bright templates, you can make a beautiful presentation on any topic. MasterBundles has a large collection of lgbt ppt templates that you can successfully use for your work. Just download a suitable template, add the necessary information, and present it to the audience. Using stylish and colorful templates, you will be able to create unique and modern presentations on LGBT topics. There are some ideas on how you can use ready-made templates:

  • If you are planning to do an informational project, design it using a template. This way you can visualize all the information, add icons, pictures, photos, and design the test with the right fonts. 
  • Share your presentations with like-minded people, and talk about your ideas.
  • Talk about future events, meetings, and Pride events with a well-designed presentation. A nice design, and brightly colored presentation will help to attract a new audience and tell about the event in a big way.

To make a quality LGBT presentation, add more bright pictures, icons, and images, and change fonts and colors to your taste. Here is a collection of the best LGBT templates for you. Let’s take a look at each of them:

LGBT Cultural Competency Training Powerpoint

A simple and bright template will help you create creative LGBT+ projects. You will be able to customize it to your taste, and change the color, font, and icons. You can make your presentation unique and personalized. This template has very concise shades, made in the style of minimalism. Such a template will attract the attention of the audience, but not distract them. You will get a cool and stylish template that consists of 20 slides and is fully editable. 

Pride Powerpoint Template

This bright and colorful template is dedicated to the LGBT theme. It is made in a pleasant shade of pink and attracts attention from the first second. You can add your photos, pictures, or text to it. Also, here you will find thematic icons to complete the presentation. So if you decided to choose a colorful template in a pink shade, then this one is perfect for you. 

LGBT Powerpoint Theme PPTX

This is one of the most impressive and striking templates in our collection. It attracts and holds attention because of its bright colors. The design of the template is simple but complemented by the LGBT element — a rainbow on the slides. You can remove or add icons, text, and photos to your taste because it is fully editable. This template won’t leave your presentation unattended, for sure. 

10 Pride Month Powerpoint Templates Bundle: 500 Slides

This is the largest and most diverse set in our collection. You’ll find 10 templates of different colors and styles. You will get as many as 500 slides on which you can realize your project. In this set, everyone can find an option to their taste. And you can customize any slide in the style of your project. There are a lot of icons and images to complement the theme of the presentation. 

LGBTQ History Month Presentation Template

This template combines simplicity and brightness, brevity, and bright colors. If you’re on the lookout for a simple template that will convey an LGBT theme but not be distracting to the viewer, this one is perfect. You will get a template with 50 slides with different designs. There are also four basic colors to choose from. You will be able to completely edit the template to your liking. 

Zero Discrimination Presentation Template

This template is worthy of your attention. It is bright and unusual, perfect for a thematic presentation. You get the template in 4 colors and can edit the shade to suit your project. You will have a variety of 50 slides with beautiful designs. Furthermore, you will be able to place any text and photos you want. 

Love Wins LGBT PowerPoint Template

This is a very stylish and concise template that you can fully edit. Choose the font, color, and icons to your liking and add the desired text and photos. You will get 50 different slides that will perfectly present your project. Just open the template and quickly edit it. You don’t need to be a designer to create beautiful and stylish presentations. 


Creating a Pride-themed presentation is easy. Choose a relevant template and fill it out to your taste. Change the font, and color, and add themed icons and your photos. This way you can create a cool and modern presentation to communicate your ideas to a wide audience. Customizable templates are indispensable if you work with content. Templates are very easy to work with, just download and edit them.

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