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How to Crop A PDF File with Ease

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If you open a PDF on a computer, it usually looks like a real sheet of paper, with white margins around the page. On a computer with a large screen, it doesn’t really matter.

However, on mobile devices, these white margins can make the document difficult to view. You may want to crop the PDF to remove these margins, so the document will look better on smaller screens.

Since most people don’t own PDF editing software, doing something as seemingly simple as removing those margins is actually quite difficult. Fortunately, with the tips I provided in this article, you can simply crop PDF pages!

How to crop a PDF on Windows?

There are many PDF crop tools in the market, both free and paid, online and offline, simple and multifunctional, etc. Finding the favorable ones is indeed difficult and time-consuming. When it comes to PDF editors, you may be familiar with Adobe Acrobat, however, its subscription fee is high. 

SwifDoo PDF is what I would recommend among many PDF processors after testing dozens of its features. It can be said to be a perfect replacement for Acrobat, which contains almost all PDF editing tools in Acrobat. It is now only suitable for Windows though. With it, you can easily crop the PDF file as you like. Here are the key features of it that I came to the conclusion after trying it thoroughly.

  • Clear interface and simple operating steps
  • Possible to crop one page or crop all pages with one click
  • Multiple editing tools are combined into one
  • Send a cropped PDF file without losing the quality of the original file
  • No ads through the operating process

Crop a PDF on Windows with SwifDoo PDF

Now let’s see how to crop PDF files on Windows with SwifDoo PDF. It can do crop one page in PDF file or crop all the pages. Here are the detailed steps to crop only one page in a PDF file:

Step 1: If you don’t have SwifDoo installed on your computer, you should go to its official website, www.swifdoo.com, to download and install it for free.

Step 2: Launch the SwifDoo PDF program, then select the Open option from the program to open the PDF file you want to crop. 


The added PDF file will launch automatically.

open pdf

Step 3: Hit the Edit section bar on the top of the program main panel. Then click the Crop button to crop the current file. 

crop pdf

The crop mode offers various crop metrics, such as auto selection, manual adjustments, page range, etc.


Step 4: Click the Apply Changes option. In this way, you have already cropped the PDF file. 

crop pdf

How to crop a PDF online?

With an online PDF crop tool, you can easily crop PDF pages with ease. This is the best and simple way to crop PDF pages in this PDF cropper. You can easily crop PDF files online by using a dedicated website. And in this case, I took PDFCandy online crop as an example.

  • First of all, select PDF in this PDF cropping tool.
  • Now see the preview of the selected PDF on the crop.
  • Using the crop box, you can crop the PDF as you like. You can also resize the crop box and drag it anywhere.
  • Finally, hit the Crop PDF button, download the cropped PDF file from this online PDF cropping tool.

Crop a PDF on Mac

Things get complicated when we want to crop PDF files on Mac. Fortunately, there are applications that allow us to crop the files.

You can crop PDF files instantly from any operating system you use. Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux, as well as iOS and Android are supported with most online PDF crop tools. In this way, you can crop PDF files not only on your MacBook with ease, but also on the go on your tablet or smartphone.

Is cropping PDF files safe?

Cropping PDF files is completely safe. First, you can be sure that your files are safe. The PDF crop tools mentioned are fully automated so no one can access your files. Moreover, the online tools’ servers automatically deletes both uploaded files and cropped PDF files online. This ensures that your confidential data remains safe.

In Closing

This post mainly focuses on how to crop a PDF files. The SwifDoo PDF crop tool and online PDF converter I recommend above are really powerful PDF crop tools that can save most of your precious time. 

The function of the online PDF crop tool is simple, and the desktop PDF editor usually offers more options, you can try it at this time if you are looking for an online PDF trimmer.

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