How to Develop an AAA Video Game Pre-Production

“AAA Games” refers to high-profile, high budget games that are frequently developed by well-known, large companies.

Development of an AAA Video Game.

The development of a game takes three steps.

  • Pre-Production:

Pre-production is when the game idea is created. This section will also include design and development requirements. You will also plan the game’s development and supply chain. A successful pre-production phase requires effective project management. Starloop Studios relies upon prototyping and pre-production decisions points. We also use agile ways to manage the risk associated with our client’s project. This ensures that there are no setbacks, and that the work process runs smoothly.

  • Production:

This is the most time-consuming stage of the game production. It is essential to communicate across teams in order for the manufacturing process to be successful, from the prototype through the gold master.

Starloop Studios, a team that includes 150+ software engineers and artists, has been making games for over 12 years. They stay on top of the latest trends and offer innovative solutions to clients.

  • Production:

Post-production is the start of game production maintenance. This is where bugs are fixed and new features added. To improve communication and transparency, the Starloop Studio uses Agile or Jira. This allows them to attain higher levels of performance.

Development Time for an AAA Video Game.

AAA games look like huge theme parks. You should remember that you had to click on a tree to see it. Someone else had to ensure the NPC was visible, speak, and stand slightly behind the tree to use the speech. It has to be a sequel if it takes over a year. You’ll be lucky to see one of these made in five years. No matter how many people you have, it doesn’t matter how many. Starloop Studios’ skillful staff and role specialization may help to reduce development and production times, allowing you to launch new project as quickly as possible. You will see your ROI sooner if you launch earlier.

Development budget for an AAA Video Game:

It is not your job to spend more than AAA games and to keep to high expenditures. You will need to employ many qualified professionals to cover all phases of the project. One team will be responsible for audio and art development, while another team will focus on narrative and game design. A third team will optimize and program the game for the target platform. The average AAA game will cost between $60 million and $80 million to create and release.

Starloop Studios will save you up to 40% compared with the cost of in-house design. No overhead costs will be incurred. Only pay the time their staff spends on your job.

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