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How to do Instagram lead Ads: 5 Important money-burning Mistakes to Avoid

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Instagram has roughly one billion monthly active users. It is one of the most powerful social media networks in this digital age. Similar to other platforms, converting your audience to your customers takes more than just a few pictures and hashtags. It’s a whole lot of work. You will need a working marketing strategy to score leads and attract those customers.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so if you understand Facebook lead gen ads it won’t be difficult for you to comprehend Instagram lead gen ads. They both work similarly except for a few minor differences.

When a person clicks on your ad, a form appears on their screen which you created in the ad manager. The person can fill the form without leaving their current application. The leads you collect are saved in the ad manager from where you can download them later.

How to Set Up an Instagram Lead Generation Ad

Step 1: Go to the ads manager and press the green Create button to start a new promotion.

Step 2:  Select the lead generation campaign and press next through to the ad set level.

Step 3:  After that, scroll down and set up your targeting audience as you like.

Step 4: then, get to placements, select manual placements, and then unselect all the other platform boxes except for Instagram.

Step 5: After doing that, you can press next to the ad level screen.

Step 6:  If needed, you can manage the media for each placement, this would work best if you’re running ads for multiple placements.

Step 7: From there, add your script and pick your CTA button.

Step 8:  Basically, on the main page you want to modify everything the customer will see, like the main photo, headline, and intro text. You’ll also have to tell what you prioritize, you’ll also have to ask questions you want the lead to answer.

Step 9: You can press “to the privacy page”, where you can add a link to your privacy policy.

Step 10:  Lastly, on the completion page, you fill out the confirmation screen text you want your viewers to see. 

Step 11: Once you’re satisfied with the final looks of your lead forms, you can hit the Publish button and publish your ad campaign.

Mistakes you should never commit while Executing Instagram Lead ads.

Now since you have known about Instagram’s Lead ads. And how to create them. Then why not learn about the mistake to avoid while running these ads. These mistakes may prove to be costly and can give your business a bad name. So here are the 5 mistakes you should avoid to make your lead ads a success.

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1) Using the same test from Facebook on Instagram

Facebook has over a billion users and is the second most visited site on the Internet. It is a really powerful marketing tool as your advertisement can reach a large group of people belonging to a target audience.

Utilizing a Facebook marketing strategy will not only increase your customers, but will also help you create trust among your audience. There are a lot of Facebook advertising agencies, offering their services, that you can hire to grow your brand .

You would need the primary text box in a precise and successful way without getting into the long-form copy.

Instagram is a visual platform. Everything is about pictures and videos. So you should come up with a video that explains your aim and is quite eye-catching. People are visual learners. They are more likely to watch your video than read the caption.

 Either way, you would want your caption to be optimized along with your creatives. So you don’t lose many on the ads that won’t convert.

2) Using a long video

Using a long video for your Instagram ad is a huge mistake as Instagram won’t play the whole video. Instagram has a 60 second limit in videos and 15 second limit in stories. So your video will be cut off after 60 and 15 seconds in case of video and story respectively.

So optimize your creativity according to the 15 or 60-second limit. If your creativity is cut off halfway through while it’s being played, it won’t be able to convey the whole message to the audience. It would also leave a bad impression on your brand and you may lose a good and quality lead.

3) Not having good questions in your form

A lot of business owners ask only for names, email, or sometimes phone numbers. They avoid asking other questions as they think it may scare away the leads.

However, this doesn’t prove useful as it gathers unwanted, unqualified, and useless leads.

Facebook already has their name, address, and phone numbers. So the slots or questions are automatically filled. Leads can edit this information but in most cases, they don’t. And they hit submit. They don’t even read the forms. That is why when you call them they have no idea what you’re talking about. When they have filled the form and hit submit. This problem can be solved by adding some interesting questions to your forum.

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That makes the lead to read and then answer the form questions. This will also help not to get unqualified leads as they will not submit their information if they are not interested.

4) Failing to provide a reason

When the lead reads your forms you need to give them a valid reason to submit their information. Without a reason why would they submit their information?

This can be easily accomplished by a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you offer for free in exchange for people’s information. The lead magnet may include an eBook, consultation, coupon code, etc. for free.

You need to remember that the lead magnet should be something about your business that would interest the right people. Otherwise, there would again be unwanted leads.

So the more the lead magnet is about your business, the more it will attract the right people. The less the lead magnet is about your business, the less likely you will attract the right people.

5) Failing to properly nurture leads

The task of getting leads is really easy. The real deal is to nurture them. This is what leads to actual conversations and develops relationships with buyers at every stage of sale funnels.

A properly nurtured lead results in a good experience for customers of the company. And will give your business a boost.

Some of the most effective lead nurturing tactics are as follows:

·         Align your sales and marketing tactics

·         Send customized emails

·         Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques

·         Nurturing your leads with targets contents

·         Focus on multiple touches

·         Following with leads on time

·         Implement a lead scoring strategy


Instagram is a great way to attract customers for your product. If you know the right methods, you can generate several of your viewers into clients. Giving time and effort to develop leads will bear fruit in the form of customers. The more effort you put in, the more potential clients you make!

Still, if you want more information on marketing strategies, click here and get the best tips and tricks to soar your business up to par! 

Will see you soon with another guide, till then we wish you Happy Marketing! 

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