How to Enroll in VPN Reseller Program

The popularity of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs is growing exponentially worldwide due to increased usage in countries like the UK, USA, and Australia. Internet users are beginning to step over boundaries set up by governments wishing to monitor people’s online activities. Irrespective of internet use and online activities, nobody likes to have their online presence and identity exposed.  

The VPN market is thus increasing multiple folds. People are frantically searching for a reliable VPN service to attain anonymity on the internet and thus protect their digital identity. If you would love to make money by starting your own business, it is a perfect time to start a VPN reselling business.

Starting a VPN Reseller Business

Many host services offer their clients to buy connections in bulk and resell further. In terms of monetary benefits, there are no limits on how much you can earn by reselling VPN. If you want to make money from home by starting a VPN reselling business, this guide is for you.

1.     Find a reliable VPN provider

In the sea of thousands of VPN service providers, you can start by looking for the most suitable one for yourself in terms of pricing and reliability. You can make a checklist of the features of a reliable VPN and keep searching for the service providers offering those features.

A reliable VPN service provider offers high speed with good network specs and supports all major protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SSTP. Also, ensure that the VPN service you are going for has several servers worldwide and thousands of IPs to facilitate the subscribers.

2.     Sign up and set your account and billing form

Once you have decided on a VPN service provider, it is time to enroll in their program, which is available mainly on the seller’s official website. Set up your account, and now head to fill out the information about your account and billing management. VPN reselling is more like a snowball technique – you are using the services of a VPN provider and reselling it by branding it all over again.

Thus, you must set up your account and billing management. Most notable VPN service providers have all-in-one software for VPN reseller dashboards and billing management. You can head to and use their services to set up a billing management account. The most significant advantage of using this software is that it manages everything related to your account, including new account creation, termination, renewal, suspension, and billing. Therefore, all your focus is on marketing, building up your brand, and reselling it.

3.     Set your price

One of the most challenging decisions is to decide on a price for reselling VPN services. It is advised to set a price for your service by calculating the marketing price and profit. Each target market differs from the other, and your price for reselling VPN highly depends on your target market.

Moreover, it is also essential to set a competitive price with other VPN resellers so that you do not fall under or overcharge your customers.

4.     Look for a management tool

You might be lucky to land on a provider offering a comprehensive technical support package, but it is likely for you as a reseller rather than your customers. If you are reselling VPN, it is your responsibility to cater to any issues that users face.

Having a technical team ready to solve any user issues is also essential. Since you are reselling VPNs to users, you are liable for managing all the critical aspects of a VPN service provider, including passwords, usernames, access levels, etc.

5.     Branding

Branding is the core of reselling VPNs. You are buying the service from a seller and turning it into a new personal brand different from its parent brand. You have to treat your brand like your business – put up a professional front, market your service, and polish your marketing tools.

You must invest in a catchy logo and personalized design work depicting your brand. Building a website with a short but memorable domain name is also essential as it helps customers retain your name and details.

An important note regarding branding is to brand your VPN differently than the original brand. If people find out the parent VPN company from which you are selling, they might opt to go for it instead of your VPN.

6.     Analyze the fees

Since you are also paying the company where you are enrolling as a VPN reseller, you must keep a sharp eye on the wholesale fees. It is best first to have an in-depth understanding of how the payments in such a setup work. Often, you have to contact a company representative to know the division between royalties and set fees.

It is best to avoid royalty-based contracts and go for those agreeing to share a wedge of your profits as your business grows to a reasonable size.

VPN Reselling is on the Rise

In this digital era, reselling VPNs is an easy way to have an extra income source. Refer to this straightforward guide about enrolling in a VPN reseller program to start earning now.

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