How to Find Information About IP Addresses Using the Ipapi?

You might have encountered the terms IP address, my IP API, and such related ones at certain points in your life. Similarly, you might have often questioned the necessity of IP address, and why there is a huge demand for its search. IP addresses hold enormous importance as you never know when fraudulent activities or emergencies occur escalating the need for IP addresses. In today’s time, it is essential to know how you can find IP addresses with the help of ipapi. You might not have the urge to acquire insight about it, but you will never know when you will be needing it. This article will thoroughly cover what is an IP address, why do you need it, and how to acquire information with the help of ipapi.

What is an IP Address?

The full form of an IP address is Internet Protocol address. The role of an IP address is recognizing equipment, machine, and device associated to the internet. The Internet Service Providers, also known as, ISP is accountable for assigning public IP addresses. With the help of IP address, it is possible to identify networks and devices. It is instrumental in directing internet traffic by idenitfying the host network and a way to it.

IP addresses are categorised into two: Internal and External IP addresses. For instance, the router that is used for linking to the internet comprises an external IP address. The external address is utilized by other networks for recognizing your internet use. On the other hand, the IP addresses used by our laptops, computers, or tablets use internal IP addresses. The internal IP addresses are observable only in your secure network in case the internet is accessed through the router.

Methods to Trace your IP Address Using Ipapi

One of the best ways to trace a location is through API location. An API is extremely helpful in retrieving the location, timezone, city, address, country, postal code, latitude and longitude. To find information about IP addresses, python is often used. The tools used to trace location are: ipify and ipapi. For accessing these APIs, the ‘requests’ library is used in Python. If you don’t have the library, use the ‘pip’ command. From now on, follow the below steps.

  1. Obtain Location Information

After first fetching the IP address by tracking the first API. Then, after utilizing the IP address for retrieving the location information for a specific IP address, there will be two functions – ‘get_ip()’ and ‘get_location().

i) get_ip() function: According to the API documentation of ipify, it is required to initiate a ‘GET’ request on the respected website –, for getting the JSON response. The response is accumulated in a ‘response’ variable which is nothing less than a Python dictionary having one key-value pair. Therefore, the value of the key ‘ip’ as ‘response[“ip”]’.

ii) get_location() function: According to the API documentation of ipapi, it is necessary to curate a ‘GET’ request on{ip}/{format}/ for obtaining a location information for a specific IP address. ‘{ip}’ is substituted by the IP address and ‘{format}’ can be substituted with any of the these – ‘json’, ‘jsonp’, ‘xml’, ‘csv’, ‘yaml’.

This operation internally calls the ‘get_ip’ function for fetching the IP address and then creating a ‘GET’ request on the URL with the IP address. This API yields a JSON response.

There are numerous data present in the response. You can implement whatever functions for you. For the above procedure, the following are used ‘city’, ‘region’, and ‘country’. It is, therefore, the dictionary called ‘location_data’ was created. Finally, the last call will include the ‘get_location()’ and printing the output.

What are the Benefits of Knowing your IP Address?

Knowing about the JAVA currency API will troubleshoot quite a lot of issues concerned with the internet connection and network.  With the help of an IP address you can discover if there is a router issue distorting your internet access or if the issue is pertaining to the particular device your are using. Furthermore, you can also identify if the issue is caused by external force or internal issues.

With the help of IP address, setting up new devices like printers becomes very convenient. The IP address enables locating your network recognition and join the newly added device to the correct network. In case you want to monitor your network from a faraway location, you will certainly need the IP address. This is because the IP address might benefit them to access the network and handle it accordingly.

Ramneek Sidhu advises to opt for location APIs that aids in tracking accurate geolocation, offers scalability and power, offers rock-solid IP data, integrates in minutes, and also easy on the budget.     

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