How To Find The Best Specialist Disability Accommodation Providers In Australia

If you have NDIS funding, you might be considering an appropriate Specialist Disability Accommodation provider. But how do you ensure your SDA funding is correct? And how do you find the right SDA housing NDIS funding can offer? Home Caring highlights the best way to find SDA providers in Australia.

Find Out What You Are Eligible For

Specialist Disability Accommodation providers are funded by SDA funding. It can be found in your NDIS plan under ‘Home Modifications’, and will state:

The Design Category

There are four key ‘design categories’ when you are approved for SDA funding. The requirements are:

  • High physical support – elements of design that help the individual with mobility, like assistive technology, additional grips or ceiling hoists.
  • Robust – a home that is durable with reduced maintenance. This might be suitable if you or your loved one is managing complex behavioural needs.
  • Improved livability – a home with specialist features for those with cognitive or sensory disabilities.
  • Fully accessible – homes that are accessible to aids like a wheelchair, with home adaptations like lower kitchen or bathroom units.

Building Types

There are four building types that are considered in addition to your design, such as:

  • Apartments – self contained units that are part of a larger residential building, like our SDA accommodation in Sydney.
  • Group homes – group homes with multiple (up to five) residents. 
  • Houses – individual homes with gardens or outside spaces.
  • Duplexes, townhouses or villas – semi-attached properties within a single area of land.

You should be able to see in your NDIS funding which type of housing and design you are eligible for.

Learn About The Funding Types

There are two different types of funding that will sit alongside your building type and design category. Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding covers the support that is needed while you live in the SDA. This could be your disability support services team, who will come and assist with your needs in the home. The second is Reasonable Rent Contribution (RRC) funding, which helps to cover the cost of your rent in line with your NDIS funding. 

Finding The Right Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider

The final part of finding SDA housing NDIS approved providers is to ask yourself some vital questions before proceeding:

  • What location are you going to live in?
  • Will you be living with other people or on your own?
  • Do I fully understand what funding I am eligible for or do I need help?
  • Does my SDA provider also offer independent living support services?

Once you are clear on the location, the type of home, and your funding, you should start to research and talk with SDA providers. They should be able to clearly outline how they will support your NDIS care plan, what services they offer, and whether they also offer SIL services.

Finding The Right Supported Living Provider

Your SIL support is going to be what you live off while you reside in an SDA. This will cover a dedicated support worker who will visit you and help you with your daily life in the home. When finding the right SIL provider you should ensure that they have experience with a diverse range of disability types, and are an NDIS registered provider. You should be able to meet the team before you confirm you want to work with them, and ensure that they are able to support your goals and needs. 

If you are living in a group home, your SIL provider should be able to manage that environment while you live with other individuals. Your SIL provider should be comfortable operating in a range of home environments. If you have a specialist behavioural plan, they should also understand this and be able to manage your needs.

Home Caring: A Versatile SDA Provider In Australia

At Home Caring, we provide a wide range of SDA housing NDIS-approved locations throughout Australia. Whether you need an SDA apartment for independent living in Sydney, a group home environment, or home support, we’re there to help you live your life independently. We are able to offer a diverse range of disability support services to a wide range of communities across Australia. 

Do you want to find out more about how a Specialist Disability Accommodation provider like Home Caring can help you or your loved one with their needs? Contact us today for unique advice and support on finding the right home environment for you.

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