How to Find The Perfect Office in London

This can be difficult for any business owner. How do you know the right location for you? Should you rent or buy? Whether you have a small or large business, having your office in the right location can make or break your company, as not every location is suitable for certain businesses.

Here are a few things you need to be aware of when choosing an office space in London.

Look Out For Experienced Estate Agents

You shouldn’t try doing it all yourself. You need to look for an office space rental agency, as they know the areas well and have insider information about properties that may be available for rent soon. Having an expert by your side is something you should never take for granted.

Think About The Size

This may be obvious, but it should be thought about critically. You need to first consider the number of employees you have – and the working area they’ll need. There’s also the storage and filing facilities that the office will require.

Having a recreational area is great too – with several businesses now creating cafe areas where workers can relax. If your business requires regular meetings, a conference room is something to keep in mind. The whole concept of the size of the office is to make workers feel more comfortable when working.


When it comes to finding the perfect office, location is vital. Does the location have a tube or train station nearby? An area with traffic congestion could affect the productivity of your business. 

A lively area with cafes and shops will be great for your staff, as they can easily go out during lunch. If your business requires lots of customers to come through the doors, then having the right location is more important. But if this isn’t the case, you can choose a less expensive location.

Consider Your Networking Options

One factor you should never overlook is the chance to network in your workspace. There are several small and medium-sized enterprises in business centres – ranging from start-ups to established businesses and multinational firms.

A serviced office space in a business centre can be an ideal networking opportunity. However, before you select one, you need to check which companies are already using the building and how they can benefit your business.

Rent Or Buy?

Depending on the office, you can choose to rent or buy the space. Renting brings flexibility and allows you to move to new locations easily – it also helps with tax reduction. If you prefer to rent an office space, make sure that you’re fully aware of the terms and conditions of the lease. 


Before selecting an office space, make sure you have gathered all the necessary information. The location of your office can determine if your business will be positively impacted or not. You also need to consider the transport links, the networking potential, and the internet connection’s strength in the area.

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