How To Fix A Clogged Delta 8 THC Cart: Step-By-Step

Those of you who are not currently using Delta 8 THC carts are the latest in vaping technology. They offer a more customizable experience than traditional vape pens because of their interchangeable cartridges and coils. The best part is that they can be found at any head shop or gas station near you. If your cart has been clogged for too long, it’s time to take it apart and clean all components. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step with this helpful guide.

Method #1: How To Fix Minor Clogging

Pull Hard Through The Mouthpiece

The first step to unclogging a cart is to pull hard through the mouthpiece. Usually, this pulls any build-up through the cart and out of the mouthpiece. If it’s not, move on to step two.

Soak The Cartridge In Warm Water For 30 Minutes

If you’ve tried pulling hard through the mouthpiece but still aren’t seeing any results, there is another method you can try first before taking apart your cartridge. Fill a container with warm water (just above room temperature) and soak your delta 8 thc carts for about half an hour. This will loosen up all gunk build up inside, making it easier to unclog by following these next steps after soaking in hot water.

Remove All Excess Liquid And Residue

After soaking your cartridge, you’ll need to dry it off. To do this, press the mouthpiece against a paper towel or napkin. This will soak up any excess water and ensure no residue is left in the tank before taking apart your Delta 8 THC Cart. Now take out all cart parts, including the coil, rubber gasket piece, metal ring around chamber where top screws on, etc. At this point, you can use some rubbing alcohol with Q-tips to clean every single surface inside and outside of your cartridge. Make sure not to get any into the battery connection. Allow time for each part to fully air dry afterward, so they are ready for reassembly when done cleaning them.

Method #2: How To Fix A Major Cart Clog

Flick The Cart From Side To Side

The first step to fixing a major clog is flick the cart from side to side while holding it upside down. This should free up any large chunks of material that may be stuck inside. If this doesn’t work, keep reading for other methods.

Blow Into The Cartridge

Another way you can unclog a major clog is to get your mouth close to the cartridge and blow into it while holding down on the power button. This should work for both hard pulls of air through the mouthpiece or just blowing over the top without pulling air through. If this doesn’t do anything, try the next steps.

Fire Up The Vape

The last step in fixing a major clogging is to fire up the vape. If this works, you’ll see that it starts producing vapor and will pull materials through your cartridge.

If none of these methods work for unclogging your Delta-8 carts, we recommend taking apart your cart and cleaning all components with rubbing alcohol before putting it back together. Make sure not to stretch or tear rubber gasket during removal: use a flat edge like a business card. Once dry, make sure each part fits snuggly onto its respective place on the delta tank base (screwing pieces together firmly).


If you’ve got a clogged Delta 8 THC cart and want to fix it, we’re here for you. We know that feeling of taking your hand off the handle and watching in horror as some of your favorite vape juice hits the floor instead of going into your mouth. It happens to all of us! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to unclog a vaporizer cartridge or tank so that no more precious e-liquid is wasted.

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