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How to Fix Crooked Glasses At Home

When you have a malfunction in your glasses, there are a few instances where you can fix them. More complex issues can better be dealt with by professional opticians. When your eyeglasses are comfortable and perfectly fitting, you may not think of them more often, however, when they get crooked and slide down your nose, they start annoying you. If you know how to adjust your glasses, you can save yourself the cost and trouble of going to an optical shop or mailing your glasses back to the manufacturer to be fixed.

What you need to get started

You will need to have an inexpensive repair kit at home, as well as some patience in adjusting the nose pads as well as the temples. But remember that there are some instances where you should leave your best blue light blocking glasses to the experts.

How to adjust your glasses

Before embarking on any adjustment process, take some time and understand how your eyeglasses fit. This way, you will have a better idea about what needs to be done. Stand in front of the mirror and see the temple that seems to be out of place, or how the nose pads are changing the glasses’ position on your face. It’s recommended that the top of the rim should not be higher than the eyebrow, and shouldn’t be positioned too low either. The eyes should be fully centered behind your eyes.

How to adjust crooked glasses

Most of the time, glasses get crooked because of the temples or the arms as some people call them. When they get angled too high or too low from the rim or have bent to the extent that they no longer extend back to have a comfortable rest on the ear.

To know how much you will need your temple to be pushed downward or upwards, put the glasses down, and ensure that the bottom side sits flat on the surface. If the temple does not touch the surface well, you will need to bend it downwards. However, the temple requires it to be bending upwards if one of the existing rims is elevated above the table.

If the plastic temple has a bent, hold it up over moderately hot water. After getting it warmed up, dry it and bend it back to fit into the alignment. Hold onto the place where the temple is bending and move it towards the direction in which it needs to be straightened out.

If you are faced with resistance while straightening it out, you should stop. Be gentle and slow to avoid causing the arm to snap off, causing more damage.

Moreover, you shouldn’t heat the temple of your eyeglasses through other methods. For instance, don’t use a hairdryer or a live flame because it may cause damage to the coating and lenses.

You may heat metal frames with steam or warm water to make them pliable.  But if a minor adjustment is required, you may just bend it carefully without using heat. While doing this, make sure the glass continues to be rested on a flat surface to check if they are properly aligned.

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