How To Get A Volleyball Scholarship in High School

Are you a high school volleyball player with dreams of continuing your athletic career at the collegiate level? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the world of volleyball scholarships and how you can secure one for yourself. Whether you’re a rising star on the court or just starting to explore your potential, there are opportunities out there waiting for you. So let’s lace up our sneakers and get ready to spike our way towards that coveted scholarship!

The Different Types of Scholarships

When it comes to obtaining a volleyball scholarship in high school, it’s essential to understand the different types of scholarships available. Scholarships can vary in their criteria, eligibility requirements, and benefits. Here are some common types you should know about:

1. Athletic Scholarships: These scholarships are specifically awarded to athletes who excel in their sport, including volleyball. They often cover tuition fees, room and board expenses, and even provide additional financial support.

2. Academic Scholarships: Academic excellence is also highly valued by colleges and universities. Many institutions offer scholarships based on academic achievements such as GPA, standardized test scores, or other academic accomplishments.

3. Need-Based Scholarships: These scholarships take into account a student’s financial need when determining eligibility. They aim to provide assistance to students who may not have the means to afford higher education without financial aid.

4. Merit-Based Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships recognize outstanding achievements in various areas such as academics, community service, leadership roles, or artistic talents.

5. Diversity Scholarships: Some institutions focus on promoting diversity within their student body by offering scholarships specifically for underrepresented groups or individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Understanding these different types of scholarships can help you identify which ones align with your strengths and goals as a prospective athlete seeking a volleyball scholarship in high school.

How to Get a Volleyball Scholarship in High School

Title: Unlocking the Path to a Volleyball Scholarship in High School

Are you a passionate high school volleyball player dreaming of playing at the collegiate level? The good news is that there are opportunities available for talented athletes like you to secure volleyball scholarships. With dedication, hard work, and strategic planning, you can increase your chances of catching the attention of college recruiters.

1. Polish Your Skills:
To stand out among fierce competition, focus on honing your technical skills, such as serving accuracy, setting technique, and hitting power. Attend volleyball camps or seek guidance from experienced coaches who can help refine your abilities.

2. Maintain Good Academic Standing:
Academic performance plays a crucial role in securing scholarships. Strive for excellence both on and off the court by maintaining strong grades and taking challenging courses that showcase your intellectual capabilities.

3. Create an Impressive Sports Resume:
Your sports resume should highlight key achievements, including awards received, notable tournament performances, club team experience, leadership roles held within your team or community involvement related to volleyball.

4. Seek Exposure Opportunities:
Participate in tournaments and showcases where college recruiters often scout potential recruits. Connect with local clubs or organizations that offer exposure opportunities through their network of contacts.

5. Engage with College Coaches:
Reach out proactively to college coaches at schools you are interested in attending by sending them personalized emails expressing your interest and providing links to game footage or highlights showcasing your skills.

6. Utilize Online Platforms:
Take advantage of online platforms dedicated to connecting student-athletes with college coaches such as NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network or which allow you to create profiles highlighting academic and athletic accomplishments while providing access to valuable recruiting resources.

7. Take Official Visits:
When offered an official visit by a prospective school’s coaching staff make sure it aligns with your personal preferences academically & athletically before making any decisions about accepting scholarship offers.

Remember, the journey to securing a volleyball scholarship requires persistence and resilience.


Achieving a volleyball scholarship in high school is an exciting opportunity that can pave the way for a successful athletic and academic career. With dedication, hard work, and strategic planning, you can increase your chances of securing this valuable form of financial aid.

Remember to start early by honing your skills and building a strong foundation in volleyball. Seek out opportunities to join club teams, attend camps, and participate in competitive tournaments. Develop not only your physical abilities but also your mental resilience and teamwork skills.

Maintaining good grades throughout high school is crucial as well. Academic achievement plays a significant role in attracting the attention of college recruiters. Strive for excellence both on and off the court to demonstrate your commitment to success across all areas of life.

Utilize various resources available to you such as online recruiting platforms, contacting college coaches directly, attending recruitment events, and creating an impressive highlight video showcasing your skills. Network with current college players or alumni who may be able to provide valuable insights and connections.

Above all else, remain persistent and resilient during the recruitment process. Rejection or setbacks should never deter you from pursuing your dreams. Stay focused on improving yourself as an athlete while keeping academics a top priority.

A volleyball scholarship can open doors not only for playing at the collegiate level but also for accessing quality education without bearing excessive financial burdens. Remember that it’s not just about winning matches; it’s about demonstrating character qualities like leadership, sportsmanship, discipline, and perseverance.

So go out there with determination and passion! Work hard every day towards achieving both your athletic goals on the court and academic goals in the classroom. Embrace every opportunity that comes along because each step forward brings you closer to realizing your dream of earning a volleyball scholarship in high school!

Good luck on this incredible journey ahead!

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