How to Get Back Disabled Or Deactivated Instagram Account?

Instagram, no matter how many benefits that it provides and features that it gives, people can have problems with it and might want to take some time off. Instagram provides numerous features which you can make use of and interact with one another frequently, apart from that there is a scope for entertainment on Instagram as well. Despite all this, people take time off from Instagram and disable their Instagram accounts. To use Instagram is easy after disabling it on your own, but when you find your Instagram account deleted then it is difficult. People have no idea what to do when Instagram does this and that is why it causes problems. Users have very little knowledge about the subject and hence they are not able to activate it again. This is why we bring this article to you in which we tell you how one can activate your Instagram account when they deactivate it. Also, if you want to know about topics related to Instagram deactivation, you should visit Onlinegeeks

Why Does Instagram Deactivate Your Account?

Before you get the answer to how you can reactivate your account, you should know why ‘Instagram deactivated my account’. So, in this article, we will discuss why Instagram would deactivate your Instagram account from its platform.

  • There is no one reason that Instagram exclusively uses to take the users off their platform. But the first reason in our list would be that if you post hateful content online, your account could be deactivated on Instagram. 
  • The next reason why Instagram could decide to get your account disabled from their platform is nudity. You cannot openly post nude photos through your account, it is absolutely barred from Instagram. 
  • If you’re wondering why my Instagram account disabled then you could be posting politically inclined opinions that your fellow followers have reported. 
  • Another reason on our list is that your content could be graphic and could result in provocative content. This is completely unacceptable by Instagram and it would deactivate you from its platform. 

These are the reasons that we choose to include in our list when it comes to the reasons which answer the question of why Instagram disabled my account. In the next section, we will discuss all you need to know about the reactivation of your Instagram account. 

How to Reactivate your Instagram Account?

This is the most important section in the article, as it is the one where we reveal what to do when you cannot use your account properly. Finally, in the next step, we would answer how can I get my Instagram back after being disabled?

This is the difficult part of Instagram. If your account was disabled by Instagram and you want to restore it, this can prove to be difficult.

  • First, you have to go and check if you have violated any code of conduct. If you have violated then it is difficult to get it back and if you did not then you must report to Instagram. 
  • To report this deactivation to Instagram, you must go to the Instagram support centre website and write a report. 
  • This can easily be done by just going into privacy and security and perhaps choosing the report option. 
  • Wait for 24 hours to get a response back from Instagram otherwise, you should go ahead and make another Instagram account and start operating from there.
  • Also, if you have disabled it on your own will then you can simply log back into your account and you’ll be able to use Instagram again. 

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