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How To Get Chick Vouchers In Hay Day What is Hay Day?

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Hay Day offers vouchers, which are a form of currency that can be used to buy decorations, pets, or other customization. At level 20, vouchers are unlocked. Do you know what a Chick Voucher means? How can you obtain it? What is its release date? Where and how can it be used?

Users in the United States would like to learn about how to get Chick Vouchers in Hay Day. We’ll now look at the details.

What is Hay Day?

Supercell has created Hay Day, an entirely free mobile game. The game was released on 21 June 2012. Hay Day was the fourth highest-revenue-generating game in 2013. Supercell earns around $30 million per month as a result of Hay Day and Clash of Clans.

What’s a Hay Day Voucher?

Hay Day offers vouchers as a form for currency. The rarest form of currency is the golden voucher. Other options include purple, blue, or green vouchers. The voucher’s current value is in diamonds.

How to get Chick vouchers in Hay Day?

It is a currency that Hay Day introduced to the game. Chick Vouchers will be available in October 2021, as was anticipated. Unfortunately, the update announced only two new peacocks: a Guinea Pig and Halloween offers.

  • Chick Vouchers information indicates that they might be available in November 2021.
  • Chick Voucher is only available for farm passes
  • Chick Vouchers can also be bought but
  • Chick Voucher’s value has not been revealed yet
  • Chick Voucher’s sales price has not been announced.
  • How to get Chick Vouchers for Hay Day allows users to purchase future pets. A blue peacock, for example, was updated this month with 9 Chick Vouchers+10 yellow vouchers. In a similar fashion, the brown peacock requires 9 Chick Vouchers+3 violet vouchers.
  • The Chick Voucher can be earned once it has been used.
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Obtaining your voucher:

Vouchers can be obtained by

  • Complete truck orders for metal bars, refined coal and other materials
  • Fulfillment of truck orders for jewelry
  • Shipments to the boat can be filled
  • Visitors to your sanctuary can be helped
  • These items can be searched in mystery boxes
  • Use the wheel of fortune
  • Horseshoe rewards for fetching
  • Rewarding yourself at global events
  • Watch the film trailers nightly

How do I get Chick Vouchers on Hay Day?

The vouchers can be purchased by using the earned diamonds. A green voucher is for 15 diamonds, while a blue coupon is for 30 diamonds, one for 50 diamonds, and one for 80 diamonds. The Chick Voucher cannot be used for diamonds.


To the dismay of players, Chick Vouchers were not issued to new animals. Chick Vouchers will only be given to those who have already completed their tasks. Chick Vouchers can be used to buy peacocks. Chick Vouchers will be available in Hay Day. Some players FALSIFIED How You Can Get Chick Coupons in Hay Day at Wheel of Fortune.

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