How To Get Facebook Settlement Facebook Settlement Date 2022 Facebook Paying Checks to Illinois Residents?

A check is waiting for all Facebook users in Illinois. It could cost as much as $397. This is the result of a Facebook dispute resolved. This amount is available to the United States people. People from Illinois are receiving this check to cover the alleged violation by Facebook of the Illinois Privacy Act. Now we need to know How can I get Facebook Settlement. This article will discuss the topic in great detail.

Settlement Eligibility:

To be eligible, the beneficiary must have resided in the state for at most 183 days. The beneficiary must be the person for which Facebook has created a facial recognition tool. Illinois residents will be eligible for payments ranging from $200 up to $400. The payments will be available starting May 19, 2022. People eagerly await their arrival. It will take approximately two weeks for all members to be paid.

Facebook Settlement Date 2022 Facebook Paying Checks to Illinois Residents?

Anybody could be awarded a check by Facebook as a penalty for violating its privacy laws. Facebook violated Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by storing personal data of citizens on its database. This is clearly against the privacy laws.

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act was adopted by the legislature in 2008. It states that no entity may collect biometric information of citizens. Facebook added a feature called Tag Suggestions that allowed people to view their biometric data. This, on the surface, was an effective violation of the law.

Facebook must now give each person the Facebook Settlement Online Deposit. A judge in Illinois ordered that Facebook pay the checks to class members. According to reports the roll-out has started. Illinoisans can expect their checks in the next month.

Case Details:

The prosecution claimed that Facebook’s face templates were used to select people using their biometric characteristics. Facebook denied all allegations. Hope you now How do I get Facebook Settlement ?

The tech giant challenged the suit, but eventually lost it. It also claimed it would cease facial recognition operations entirely by 2021. However, this argument was not accepted by the court. All Facebook users from Illinois since 2011 who used a face-tracking template were to receive a check.


After Facebook begins to roll out the penalty it has received for violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act it will give $397 to the Illinois citizens. The court ordered how to get Facebook Settlement each person whose facial recognition data was stored with them to pay the required amount.

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