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How to Get More Likes on Instagram: 5 Tips for Your Engagement

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world, with around 1.1 billion active profiles.

Part of this success is due to the ability given to the user to share moments and stories simply, quickly and with a series of different resources.

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But why are we so interested in photos and videos? According to a study by the British company Wyzowl, the answer is simple: people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read, which makes clear the magic promoted by such platform.

However, contrary to what many people believe, being present on Instagram is not always enough. You also need to stand out and make people build a strong connection, interact, get involved and don’t miss a single publication.

So if you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram and attract followers, follow the article below and discover 5 amazing tips to put into practice today!

How to get more likes on Instagram?

Likes on social media are generated by one main point: engagement.

Is it difficult to improve this engagement? If you don’t know where to start, a little bit.

But it is impossible? Not at all, especially if you check out the tips below on how to get more likes on Instagram:

Buy followers: Buy Real Instagram Followers is one of the most effective ways to increase your number of likes, as it ensures more interactions with your profile.

Caption fancy: Placing attractive captions in publications is extremely important to create a bond with your followers. By getting their attention, you can convert interest into likes;

Focus on content quality: quality comes first, at least when it comes to getting more likes on Instagram. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in high resolution and creativity, avoiding very heavy or exaggerated filters;

Get the hashtags right: as we said before, what counts here is not the number of hashtags, but how close they are to your content. Thus, it is possible to attract quality followers, which will result in more likes;

How to get more likes on Instagram: 5 tips for your strategy!

Now that you know the basics to win your audience’s hearts, how about really understanding how to get more likes on Instagram?

Just keep an eye out for the 5 super tips below!

You can Buy Instagram Likes

Buying likes is a great way to guarantee interactions on your profile and make it catch the attention of the general public, after all, the greater the number of people who interact with your publications, the greater the authority and success of your profile on the social network.

In addition, the number of likes also triggers the delivery of posts, making more users have access to your content. is an excellent example of a site to buy followers online reliably and securely, as it has hundreds of ratings with maximum marks, in addition to total secrecy of the transaction carried out and interactions made by real profiles.

That’s right, no fakes! Only real people and profiles!

And you don’t need to be afraid to venture into this option and end up losing your numbers over time, as the site guarantees a higher delivery than agreed, so you don’t lose out if some users withdraw their likes.

Create quality content

Instagram is a social network 100% focused on the beauty and creativity of published content. That’s why it’s important to create highly relevant content for your followers.

Try to take pictures from different angles, with good framing, that show the beauty of the subject well.

Also, use the filters predefined by the official and third-party application with small manual adjustments, which can give a new face to what will be published.

Creativity gets a lot of attention. Enjoy!

Use Instagram Features well

Instagram offers a multitude of features to its users that, if used well, can make all the difference when it comes to engagement.

So, enjoy each one of them:

  • Reels: allows you to publish videos of up to 15 seconds, both in stories and in the “Explore” tab. Use this tool to be found by even more people;
  • Stories: the stories allow virtually every type of interaction, questions to rapid tests and is perfect for those who want to better understand your audience and make your profile more evident;
  • Boomerang: with short videos that limit the amount of scenes and movements, boomerangs are amazing to attract followers and generate likes and comments, after all, this feature is capable of transforming any simple image into an interactive and fun publication.

Share your posts on other social networks

Instagram allows its users to share their posts across multiple social networks.

What for some people may seem meaningless, after all, why repeat posts? For most it is an undeniable advantage of the platform.

The option allows you to be seen in all possible channels and by people who many times had not even considered looking for your profile.

Sharing quality content everywhere makes you seen, remembered and often gain new and loyal followers.

Close partnerships with influencers and brands

On Instagram, any help to grow is welcome!

Therefore, make partnerships with other profiles in your segment, exchanging tags in posts or mentions in stories, for example.

Another excellent idea is to close partnerships with brands, even small ones.

Keep in mind that success will depend on the responses of your audience and the other profile’s audience, not the reputation of the company or the influencer.

In the end, good, well-thought-out content is worth more than forced or unrealistic content.

How to get likes and comments on Instagram?

But, after all, what to do to achieve even more interactions organically? Did you hit the doubt?

So, check out below how to get more likes on Instagram and also increase the number of comments:

  • Interact with your followers: Few things are as effective at improving Instagram engagement as interacting directly with your followers. To do this, get to know your audience’s tastes, customize your publications and, consequently, make them participate in your posts, even if unconsciously. Remember that if you initiate an interaction, they will most likely respond to you;
  • Post Videos: Sharing videos builds emotional bonding with your audience. Furthermore, a study carried out by HighQ, a Canadian company specializing in marketing (and one of the arms of the renowned Thomson Reuters) found that 78% of social media users consume online videos weekly and 55% do so every day;
  • Make Lives: People like to see who is behind a profile they love. So, show yourself and become more real, to reach people who are also real.

Why don’t I have a lot of likes on Instagram?

It’s common to see people who think that the number of followers is the only thing that determines the success of a profile on Instagram (or any other social network). You should also consider SuperViral.Ca reviews before going to make any purchase. 

However, if that were true, no one would ask themselves questions like: why do I have few likes in my posts, if I have a lot of followers?

The explanation for this question is that, more relevant than the quantity, is the quality of the people who follow you.

This is because Instagram’s algorithms work in a very specific way, adapting to new user dynamics.

Therefore, to understand how to get more likes on Instagram and improve your engagement, it is first necessary to understand the reason for not attracting so many people interested in your shares, which can happen by:

  • Slow response speed: after 60 minutes the post tends to lose its power and fall into a pit of oblivion (pretty dramatic, we know);
  • Short-word comments: Instagram’s algorithm classifies short-word comments as made by fakes, which undermines the publication’s reach;
  • Too many hashtags: For some time now, the more hashtags in a publication, the greater its reach. Unfortunately, that has changed. Now, the recommended thing is to keep only five of them, always in the caption;
  • Low Posting Regularity: If you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram, you need to start with the basics that is, using the social network effectively. If you only show up there once a week, it will be difficult to keep your followers interested in your content.

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