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How to Get Rid of Ladybugs

A pest infestation can be dangerous because it doesn’t only affect the quality of your property, it also harms your health. DIY pest control can be ineffective sometimes, hence you’ll need the service of a professional. You can visit Pest Extermination Experts of Baltimore MD

for quality pest extermination service. 

This article reveals some tips on how you can get rid of ladybugs in your home. Have a good read. 

Are Ladybugs Harmful?

Ladybugs are not particularly dangerous to man, they do not possess so much capacity to cause much damage directly to man. Though they bite, it has no significant effect on your skin. Ladybugs can cause or arouse allergies and also respiratory issues in some people. It is safe to get rid of them before they from your home before it gets worse. 

That said, before getting set for pest control, do well to check your home for signs of ladybug infestation. 

If you find a few flying around that may not pose a threat, you can leave them. They’ll leave when the weather gets hot. If their presence causes a nuisance, here are some tips for pest control. 

Ways To Get Rid of Ladybugs

  1. Apply Dish Soap Water 

If ladybug infestation has become nauseating and unbearable, try applying soapy water to their colonies. Though this method doesn’t cost much, it has a great impact when applied. The thickness of the soapy water traps the ladybugs which allows you to pack and throw them out of your home. 

  1. Use A Light Trap

Like most insects ladybugs are attracted to light. If you have a minor infestation in your home, the light trap is avoided idea. Get a bottle container, and cut it in half to insert a LED light inside. The LED light will attract the insects, having trapped them, and take them out of your house. 

  1. Plant Mums, Cloves and Bay Leaves

Mums are flowers that possess a chemical that kills insects to a great extent. Planting mums at specific locations in your house will successfully eradicate this pest. Cloves and bay leaves serve as repellents that only deter ladybugs from getting into your home. 

  1. Use Other Natural Repellants

Aside from mums, cloves, and bay leaves, several natural herbs and oil repellants will suffice when controlling pests in your home. Some of these are lavender oil, citronella, lemon oil, and clove oil. 

Be applying any of these oil repellants, and be sure to observe their side effects, especially around children or pets.  

  1. Vacuum or Scoop Them Up

Using this method, you just need to locate their colony and suck them out with a vacuum cleaner afterward, you dispose of them immediately to avoid stinking your vacuum. 

You can also get a container and a broom, sweep them into it and dispose of them. Do that fast to prevent them from flying away. 

  1. Use A Spray

Insecticides can be used to chase or kill ladybugs in your home, but for health reasons, it is best used outside your home. 

The impact of this chemical can be dangerous especially when you have children and pets around. 

  1. Hire A Pest Exterminator

If it gets to the point where you can’t endure the infestation in your home, and you have done it yourself all to no avail, call an expert for help. Sometimes, the pest can pose difficulty and may require the service of experienced personnel to eliminate them. 

When considering this, hiring an expert or a company can be on the high side. Also, do well to have every detailed description of their job to avoid being underserved.

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