How to Get Scholarship to Study Abroad?

Many share the dream of pursuing advanced education in a foreign country. The options available aren’t limited either. Several top countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc., offer international students to join their revered colleges and universities.  

However, expensive tuition fees and other living expenses can impede their study abroad dreams. Often, it causes students to take a backward step and reconsider their options. Luckily, most top countries known for their distinctive education facilities offer grants for relocating students.

Such studentship options are a wonderful way to tackle all study, accommodation and living expenses (temporarily) until they settle into the new environment and learn to acquire and manage more funds from part-time employment options.  Most top-platforms like offering IELTs Coaching online additionally assist apprentices sort noteworthy nation-wise studentship options.

How Do Studentships Work?

Such financial grants are allotted to learners to cover study expenses, enrolment fees, tuition costs, study resources and other misc. expenditures. Students get the scholarship via a cheque, or the amount is directly paid to the university they choose to enroll.

However, since such financial help comes in limited amounts, you must cover the rest of the expenses if the provided grant is lower than the overall education expenses.

Ways to Get Such Financial Grants

To apply for a scholarship, you must meet the eligibility criteria set by the NGOs, private organizations and state institutions. These regulatory bodies provide financial grants to learners pursuing education in their country.

While it is true that anyone with appropriate academic merit meeting the set criteria can apply for the scholarship, T&Cs vary.

Some Noteworthy Eligibility Criteria for Securing Studentships Are Below –

  • The candidate must have a strong academic merit 
  • S/he must be from a foreign nation as such funds are meant for such students
  • If they are pursuing a specific field of study such as Humanities, Arts or STEM
  • For some post-graduate students with certain work experience in their chosen field
  • For post-graduate apprentices with a relevant UG certificate and acceptable GPA score tally  

Besides these, some studentship also comes with age restrictions and can only be awarded to those who meet the criteria. 

The Scholarship Application Steps 

However, most of them come with a familiar approach.

  1. Applying online
  2. Submitting all required documents
  3. Waiting for the results to show 

Some scholarship application processes are exclusive to their type and vary from one to another. You must learn about the financial grant from its official source and proceed accordingly.

However, if you have sorted a scholarship program that suits your study abroad needs, you must begin preparing all required documents. 

Below Lists What Your Scholarship Application Must Include

  • A scholarship motivation letter/Personal statement/scholarship essay
  • Evidence of all your academic achievements, including language competency test scores like IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, etc.
  • Official proof of your income 
  • The chosen university’s acceptance letter. 
  • Also, provide a translated English copy if the above documents are written in another language.

How to Find Scholarship Options for Your Abroad Education?

Sign up with a Study abroad consultant like AbroAdvice. They have experts who know quality scholarship prospects country-wise and can help you pick the right one for your endeavours.

You can select your course, country and institution and get instant assistance from their experienced study-abroad consultants. 

Besides the most prominent choice, you can find good studentship prospects on the University’s official websites. Most country-centric top universities present scholarship options for various course learning, study levels, international or domestic status, etc.

Another option would be to check out the country’s official website for advanced learning. Some common options include Study Australia, Edu Canada and others similar. 

Finally, check out trustworthy scholarship websites to find the latest updates. Some of those websites are as follows –

  • Scholarships for Development 
  • Official EU scholarship page 
  • Hispanic Scholarship fund 
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Scholarships 
  • American Association of University Women 
  • CET Academic Programs Scholarships 

How Does Abroadvice.Com Help Prepare For IELTS, Sort Grants and Tackle Other Study Abroad Challenges?

For IELTS Course Preparation, Students Receive –

  • Customized IELTS coaching classes 
  • Well-crafted IELTS practice sample papers on all segments to improve exam familiarity
  • Training and solving tips for Academic Reading, Academic Writing, General Training Writing 
  • Speaking, Listening
  • Comprehensive study materials, Personal attention and doubt-clearance and timed mock tests to give a taste of the exam environment
  • Archived lectures Access
  • 280+ Practice Exercises
  • 40 Sectional Tests For L, R, W, & S 
  • E-Book on IELTS Live Curriculum
  • Exam-taking tips for IELTS Academics and General training exams

Study Abroad Additional Services Include the Following 

  • SOP/LOR Writing Help 
  • Travel VISA Assistance 
  • Student Loan Assistance 
  • Forex Services 
  • Air Tickets 
  • Accommodation Help
  • Pre-Departure 

Country-wise Scholarship Suggestions for Apprentices Wanting to Study in A Foreign English-Speaking Country

SINGAPORESingapore International Graduate AwardSIA Youth ScholarshipDr. Goh Keng Swee Scholarship
NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand Commonwealth ScholarshipsNew Zealand International ScholarshipsVictoria Doctoral Scholarships
GERMANYKonrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) ScholarshipsMarie Skłodowska-Curie ActionsJacobs University Scholarships
CANADATS Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi ScholarshipHigher Education Scholarship Test for Indian studentsEducation Future International Scholarship
AUSTRALIAAustralia Awards ScholarshipsEducation Future International ScholarshipGyanDhan Scholarship
USAFulbright-Nehru FellowshipsKC Mahindra ScholarshipSN Bose Scholarship
UKCharles Wallace India Trust ScholarshipsDr. Manmohan Singh ScholarshipsGoa Education Trust Scholarships

Of course, these are only a few suggestions. Several other nation-wise studentship options exist for aspirants to apply for. 

So, sign up with, one of the top study-abroad platforms around and learn more about foreign study grants.

Ending Note

The importance of securing a quality scholarship is undeniable. Since most financial grants are need-based or merit-centric, you must determine the right one for your study abroad pursuits. It provides them with the needed financial support for learners to secure their foreign degree in their chosen course, which they otherwise won’t have access to.

Above all, top scholarship programs also give students the peace of mind to focus on their course learning, increase their knowledge and obtain excellent grades throughout their tenure.

So, don’t delay in finding out which scholarships are appropriate. Sign up with the above platform and immediately secure a 30-minute free consultation with diligent consultants. Their experts will have the answer to all your study-abroad woes and concerns.

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