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How to Get Stains out of a Mattress

Mattress cleaning becomes an important aspect of bedding care from the moment you buy it. In everyday life, it is impossible to avoid various unexpected situations that lead to the appearance of spots on the surface of the product. This problem can be dealt with – with the right selection of products, even old dirt can be removed. 

Different types of Mattresses – How to Clean? 

Before answering the question of how to clean a mattress, and what will be the price of such a dry cleaning service in Melbourne, you need to understand that the sequence of actions depends on the type of product. Today, at home, it is possible to clean the following models: 

Spring. It is impossible to use water to clean the surface of such a mattress – moisture ingress into the springs can ruin them. Stains are removed from it with dry means, vacuuming once every 3 months is also recommended. Such a mattress will withstand both dry and wet cleaning, however, it is not recommended to wet it too often – it is enough to wipe it regularly with a damp cloth. Springless with coconut fibre. Coir absorbs moisture and odours well, so wet cleaning with knocking out is recommended for it: a cloth moistened with water is placed on the mattress and lightly slapped over the entire surface. Orthopedic. Complex multilayer models should also not be wetted with water. Cleaning with the help of special tools will effectively remove dirt and renew the appearance of the mattress.

How to remove difficult pollution? 

If the contaminating liquid has just got on the mattress, it is necessary to immediately remove it with a sponge or napkin, moving from the edge of the stain to the centre. After that, you can use cleaning products – or try homemade recipes for removing dirt.


The question of how to remove a blood stain from a mattress, especially one bought recently and at an impressive cost, is one of the most relevant today. Blood quickly eats into the tissue and is difficult to remove, so you need to act as quickly as possible: If the stain is fresh, then it should be wiped with a cloth dipped in cold water; treat the stain with soapy water: 30 g of laundry soap per 50 ml of water – rub with a toothbrush, after half an hour remove the remaining solution with a wet cloth; for a stubborn stain, apply hydrogen peroxide – remove the resulting foam, repeat the procedure until the pollution disappears completely. 


Young parents are more often interested in how to remove a child’s urine stain from a mattress. And in such situations, there are several ways to solve the problem. apply a mixture of salt and lemon juice on the stain, leave for 2 hours, remove with a damp cloth; cover a fresh stain with soda, leave it all night, in the morning collect the remnants with a vacuum cleaner; wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in 9% vinegar. 


When it comes to how to remove old stains from a mattress, they often talk about mould. To get rid of this phenomenon, you can try: Take out the mattress in the sun in a well-ventilated place for at least a day – to maximize the destruction of fungi. Vacuum the product from both sides. Wipe with a solution of isopropyl alcohol in water using a cloth or sponge. After drying, spray hydrogen peroxide on the surface – as a prevention against the reappearance of mould fungi. 

Old stains

Those who are not yet ready to upgrade their bed will have to decide how to remove old stains from the mattress. There are several options for dealing with ingrained pollution: Fabric stain remover. It is necessary to treat the stain with a product, leave for 15-20 minutes, then remove with a damp sponge or cloth. 

Peroxide and soda

The stain is covered with a layer of soda, a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide is sprayed on top. Leave for 2 hours, then a clean mattress with a vacuum cleaner. 


Apply a small amount of product to the stain, then immediately remove with a wet cloth. It can damage the mattress cover, so it should be used in extreme cases.

How to get rid of an unpleasant smell? 

The following remedies can help restore the freshness of the mattress: Odor absorber. A special composition designed specifically for such cases. It is applied to the mattress for 3-5 hours, then swept away, and the surface is wiped with a damp cloth. 


Salt gruel with water is applied to the surface of the mattress, then wiped with a damp cloth and dried with a hairdryer. 


It is enough to scatter it on the mattress and remove it after 12 hours to remove the smell of tobacco. If all these remedies are not effective enough or the pollution is too strong, the only way to restore cleanliness to the mattress is dry cleaning. You should not hesitate with the procedure: the fewer spots on the case, the easier it will be to restore its original appearance. In order not to bring the bedding to a deplorable state and protect it from the appearance of stains, the use of a mattress pad is recommended. A tight or waterproof protective cover will help keep unwanted dirt out and save you money on a dry cleaning call.

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