Beards are something that doesn’t go out of fashion. They have trends of their own. Lately, the duck dynasty beard and hipster beard have been trending. One might think that growing a beard is very easy. It isn’t a cakewalk for many people. Many people struggle with growing a thick and luscious beard. This can make one feel conscious and even dishearted. If that’s the type of beard you’ve been dreaming of, we are here to tell you how beard transplant Toronto can help you achieve that. Even if you’ve heard of it, you might be struggling with making the decision. We are here to tell you about how beard transplant works and why you should consider it. Here is all that you need to know about it.

What happens during the beard transplant?

Hair transplant technology is used for bread transplants as well. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a meticulous approach to any kind of hair transplant. It helps one achieve natural-looking results. In FUE, follicles are extracted from the donor area which is either at the back or side of the head. Extraction is carried out in this area as hair that grows here is thicker and is similar to facial hair. These follicles are then placed into the targeted area. The placing of the follicles needs to be done with care so it matches the natural facial growth. The whole procedure is time-consuming but there are no incision marks. No one will be able to guess that you’ve undergone a beard transplant.

When do you start to see results?

Just like regular hair transplantation, with beard transplant, it takes about three to four months to see the final results. Two weeks after the treatment, the hair in the follicles will fall out. As hair growth is a slow process, one has to be patient to enjoy the results.

Is the treatment painful?

Most patients have reported the treatment to be painless. No anaesthesia is required for the beard transplant. To ensure your comfort, a local numbing agent is used. You will also be provided with a mix of painkillers and sedatives.

Why should you consider a beard transplant?

We should accept the way that we look, there is no harm in working towards achieving the aesthetics you’ve always dreamed of. If having a certain kind of beard is something you feel will give you the edge, it is time to consider a beard transplant. The procedure is painless and incision-free. It can help achieve natural-looking results. FUE technology helps to produce results that one can’t put into a beard transplant. You can get your dream beard as you work with the surgeon to design the beard. The transplant is carried out following the design you’ve settled on with the surgeon. If a beard transplant has been on your mind, it is time to take the first step towards it. Book a consultation today.

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