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How to have a Great Beach Vacation

With the holiday season swinging in its full mode, people around the globe are packing their luggage, booking flights and hotels. There is nothing better than visiting a beach for a beautiful escape from the busy schedule. While the thought of a beach vacation might sound attractive, it is essential to know that a perfect beach vacation can turn into pain and misery in the absence of proper planning. And we aren’t talking about packing your sunblock.

Here are three tips for a great beach vacation:

Do Some Research

Instead of making a random selection, you should invest some time and research before booking your flight to a beachy destination. In simple words, since the vacation is for you and your convenience, you ought to decide what kind of beach experience you are looking forward to.

For instance, do you prefer a crowded beach, sailing in the open seas or do you want to relax and enjoy some calm and peace by reading a book and enjoying the water and sun in relative solitude? Also, will you be vacationing solo, or do friends and family accompany you? Do you want your pet dog to tag along? And, will you be looking for a vacation rental during your stay? Do you consider getting a timeshare vacation ownership? Just be careful of scams like the Diamond Resorts timeshare scams.  All these questions and many more need to be answered before settling down for a beach and booking your flight.

Pack All Necessities

At the beach, you won’t be staying inside the water and water at all times. For obvious reasons, you will be indulging in sunbathing and relaxing on the sandy shore too. That said, you will have to pack all necessities, such as an oversized beach towel. Or, if you don’t like to sit on the ground, you might also need a comfortable, foldable, and easily portable chair. The more comfortable you feel, the better you can relax and enjoy the sun. Go to the beach with a big size wetsuit

Besides having something comfortable to sit on and relax, you will also need to stay protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays. That said, never forget to pack a few jars or bottles of good-quality sunblock. Also, make sure to apply it and keep applying it after regular intervals throughout the day.

It is essential to mention that you ought to bring two types of sunblock crèmes with you: one for the face and the other for the rest of your body. That said, always opt for a sunblock with an SPF greater than 30.

Protect Your Eyes

Never forget to wear your shades on the beach. With its damaging UV rays, the sun can be as damaging to your eyes as it is to your skin. Besides, we also recommend packing beach-friendly sandals or other shoes that protect your feet from getting injured by some broken glass, sharp stone, or shells, randomly strewn all over the beachy sands. Understandably, flip flops look good when worn on the beach; however, don’t compromise on the support and comfort of your feet. Make sure you invest in water-friendly shoes that exhibit a comfortable fit for your feet.

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