How to Import Products from PrestaShop to WooCommerce

Over the past ten years, WooCommerce has established itself as a significant e-commerce platform.

Some business owners may migrate to WooCommerce because of the robust WordPress functionality and the number of plugins accessible.

Why switch to the WooCommerce platform?

The number of people who import PrestaShop to WooCommerce continues to grow. Their reasons are many, including the availability of a growing number of WooCommerce plugins and a large number of platform-compatible themes. And, perhaps most importantly, WooCommerce is properly linked to WordPress; this allows store owners to take advantage of the power of the content management system.

What exactly is meant by the term “PrestaShop to WooCommerce Import”?

In the event that you have chosen to switch from your existing installation of PrestaShop to WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform, you will be required to relocate the shop’s databases to a new system.

If you decide to move from your existing PrestaShop installation to WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform, you will need to migrate your store databases to the new system.

It is recommended to use an automatic migration application to save time and money.

With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer all the data you need, including customers, products, and orders, among others. There are no technical knowledge requirements.

What are the steps involved in switching from PrestaShop to WooCommerce?

FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that makes the transfer from PrestaShop to WooCommerce very straightforward and simple.

On your WordPress website, all that has to be done is for you to install and activate the FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce plugin.

You will need to provide the necessary information on the settings page in order to gain access to the PrestaShop website and database.

You will modify the settings so that they correspond to your requirements.

Then you select the import option by clicking the button. So that’s all.

The free edition from FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce has the ability to import items, as well as the CMS, media, and tags.

The Premium edition gives users the option to import product attributes and combinations, customers, orders, reviews, and vouchers. In addition, this version also includes a number of other enhancements. In addition to this, it incorporates a number of helpful SEO features such as the ability to integrate the SEO meta data and convert all old PrestaShop URLs to both the custom WordPress URLs.

Do you want to transfer to WooCommerce from PrestaShop merely as a subset of your product catalog?

There may be situations in which you wish to duplicate part of the items from a PrestaShop shop to another WooCommerce, but not all of the products.

Let’s imagine you have 30 goods that are already set up in PrestaShop and need to upload them to your other WooCommerce shop as well.

You can do this using free plugins.

The Testing Phase and the Launch

It is essential to verify everything and make damn sure that it’s all functioning right before you launch your brand-new WooCommerce store, so make sure that you test everything. You need to do the following things, in that order:

  • Examine the purchasing process: Perform some tests on the checkout procedure to ensure that it is operating well and without any hiccups.
  • Examine the many modes of payment: You need to make sure that all of the different types of payments that are set up, such as online banking, PayPal, and other payment gateways, are working properly.
  • Check the shipment methods: Check that all of the packages that you’ve set up are working properly. This includes the flat rate shipping option, the free shipping option, and other shipping choices that you have.

At long last, you should open your online marketplace.

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