How to improve clicking skills to perform better in games?

Youth nowadays are crazy about playing games. Playing games has become a passion for everyone. The first issue for beginners is that their clicking speed is so slow. Clicking speed is a crucial factor for playing games efficiently. In FPS games and many other video games, clicking speed is quite a major element that proves beneficial to you to beat the opponent.

Clicking rapidly will result as you can perform more action in short span of time. Higher clicking speed makes games easy for you to play. You will get the advantage over your enemy. If you choose gaming as your career, then your clicking speed is criteria for you to be tested before taking part in online gaming tournaments.

Clicking speed decides the outcome of your game. It will conclude whether you win or lose in the game.

How to test your CPS speed?

CPS is referred as click per speed and frequency of clicks. You can check the number of clicks in seconds by CPS test. The other name used for the same tool is CPS Tracker. You can check your cps rate very quickly by following few steps.

  • To start the game, press the click button.
  • Afterward, start clicking with your mouse multiple times in the given time period. A time box will show you the remaining time.
  • After time completion, your score will be displayed on the screen.

Moreover, this game is set to a default time of 5 seconds. You can try time variations given on the right sidebar of the page. Available options are click per second, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and the highest one is click per 100 seconds. Another variation of unlimited time is also available.

How to improve clicks per second (CPS) speed?

If the speed of your click is fast, you will be good enough to win, and the game will be in your hand. A famous saying is that practice makes a man perfect, and by repeating this game, your clicking speed improves with every try. Now you have the knowledge of the Importance of clicking speed. Here are some points to be followed.

  • Test & Measure with online website

Fast click per second speed holder has a natural advantage over others. Rapid clicking speed is as important to a gamer to surpass rivals as food is important to a living organism to survive in order to get good clicking speed. You have to go through to the cps test oftentimes. You can measure your cps speed through various sites. After trying many times, there is a chance that you can meet your targeted speed.

  • Use different time variations

Every individual wants himself on the best level of high scoring clicks per second. As you know that, practice does not make perfect only perfect practice makes perfect. So, this is very accurate idea to have fast clicking speed. Try different time variations and keep trying until you meet your goal .Try different variations of 5seconds, 10seconds, 30 seconds, and 6o seconds. Stick to the practice, and you will get satisfactory results.

  • Recommended time duration

I like 5 seconds click test most. In playing, we have to make instant decisions. If we take a short time to accomplish a target, you will gain better clicking speed but mostly those results are not accurate. For instance, if you chose 1 second test, it would be ended before you can get yourself ready for a clicking test. Moreover, your clicking score also must be fluctuating which can be considered to inaccurate.

So, if you like to test your clicking speed for a shorter time, 5 seconds test would be the best choice for you. Because you can easily be prepared for test on time and perform the task perfectly to get good CPS clicking speed.

On the other hand if you choose longer time duration like 30 seconds or 60 seconds, your average clicking score per seconds may be lower than the score you may achieved in 5 seconds or 10 seconds test. Because the longer the time period is the more chances for you to get distracted or being tired which causes the decline in CPS speed.

Here are some more valuable tips mentioned below to make your click speed better.

  • Hold your mouse correctly according to clicking method.
  • Try to learn about different mouse grips and use the one suit best to your needs.
  • Don’t practice when your body is under stress.
  • Keep yourself calm and focused too before starting a clicking test.
  • Your fingers positions must be in order.
  • Try jitter or butterfly clicking. Rapid finger muscle spasms are used in this technique.
  • You must have a good gaming mouse and adjust your mouse DPIs.

What is reaction time? Why it is important to enhance clicking skill?

The world of modern video games requires attention and consciousness to maneuver through the computing environment successfully. In games, reaction time refers to the length of time between when a stimulus appears to you (on your monitor) and how rapidly you will react to it. If your reaction time is good, it means you can take down your opponent quickly. Fast reaction time is vital in gaming because it is filled with different situations, and it is mandatory to react promptly to conquer game.

How to test your reaction speed?

There are many websites which are providing different online tools and methods to test one’s reaction time. We’ve tried most of them and therefore Red Light Green Light Reaction Time Test is the best among all others, and our favorite too. 

This is a very simple and interesting test cum game. In this test you just need to click on start button and there would appear a default red light box. As soon as you see the red box, you need to get prepare yourself and wait for the box to be turned into green. Your prime task is to click on the green light box as soon as possible when red light box turned into green light. 

The time duration you take whilst clicking on green light box, is called your reaction time test. A higher value is considered to be a bad / poor reaction speed, whilst the lower the time taken is the faster reaction time.  

How to improve reaction time?

Reaction timers differ in age and young and old. A young individual has a better reaction time than old one. Improvement in reaction time is related to many things. Warm up before playing the game results in good reaction time. As we know, a sound body has sound mind, and a healthy brain and body impact the improvement of fast reaction. Consistency and concentration are important factors in upgrading reaction time.

The other recommendation to enhance your reaction skill is that you need to practice more and more. In order to gain positive result, we may suggest you to practice this test daily two times for 15 minutes at least. But if you are looking to improve your reaction skills faster than average speed, you may practice more than two times as per your needs.


All in all, in this advanced world of video gaming, clicking speed and reaction time are inseparable. In fps and other video games, both play a principal role. By following the tips provided above, you can improve your clicking speed for FPS games. This will help you become a better player and improve your overall gaming experience. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to keep at it, and you will see an improvement in no time.

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